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Website hosting – the highest quality at an attractive price!

When looking for hosting for your website, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the service. The server should run all the time without interference and complications. And the page must be launched quickly – which is important when positioning the page in Google search engine. CWT Advertising offers the highest quality hosting at an affordable price.

Website Hosting

Website hosting should be efficient and work continuously. For this reason, when browsing the offers of hosting servers, special attention should be paid to the so-called uptime servers, which is the percentage of time the server is working properly and continuously. As a rule, the guaranteed uptime should be 99%.

Web hosting and the associated speed of loading data is a big step towards the successful positioning of the website on the internet!

Our company offers reliable and effective web hosting, which is necessary for your company to exist on the Internet 24/7.

Web hosting is all about benefits

The hosting service we offer is not just website hosting. Our company also provides:

  • Domain space,
  • Domain mail – it’s an email address with the domain name extension after the “@” sign. Undoubtedly, a sign of professionalism and a very big plus is having domain mail. It also has many other benefits. This is primarily to facilitate recognition and a clear signal to the customer. Mail-in the domain creates an image that facilitates recognition and increases credibility. The promotional aspect is also visible here, because the Customer, when interacting with the website address, remembers it, which means that if necessary, it is your company that may come to his mind first,
  • Photo hosting – is a server that allows storing and guaranteeing the availability of photos online 24/7. Photo hosting is the ability to post up to 20, 50, 100 photos at the same time. This is a very convenient option in case you want to post on the forum, Allegro etc. more graphic files,
  • Backups – so-called backup copies of e-mail, database and files that make up the website. The quality of backups is determined by the frequency of making copies (the more often, the better, especially if you work a lot with files – for security reasons it is a minimum of once a day), storage time of copies (the longer, the higher the costs we incur – optimal should be 2 days with the frequency of making copies once a day), the method of restoring data from a backup (alone or after consulting with the support of the hosting company). In our company, we offer the best conditions on the market and guarantee full satisfaction!

Hosting – more than standard

In addition to the standard services on offer, there is something that distinguishes us from other companies offering web hosting. Our company offers not only website hosting – but we also provide services in the field of introducing changes to the website and updating websites based on the WordPress system. Most importantly, we make these changes for FREE! It is about changing the type of adding photos to the gallery, minor changes in content etc. We act quickly and accurately if it is not possible to settle the matter immediately, we start activities no later than a few hours after receiving the instruction, and all this for £350 net/year.

Website hosting is next to the domain and website – the basis for the existence of your business on the internet. Wherever speed and the lowest latency count, disk capacity, server size and highest performance – we and our hosting services are there!

Hosting – The best offer on the market!

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