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Website development? We can do it right!

A well-made website is a showcase of your business and the first step to selling your products or services. Therefore, regardless of whether it is an online store or an offer page, each element is made with due accuracy.
Thanks to our work, you can gain an advantage over the competition and attract a wide range of potential customers. Read what a good website should be and see how we care about your success!

What should a good website be like? User view.

A visually attractive website is a matter of taste, everyone likes something different. That is why in CWT Advertising we pay special attention to make the website user-friendly.

We build our websites based on four principles. Good website:

  • It is readable. The right choice of page colours, clear font, proportions of text and graphics is the key to success. A readable page is one where you post interesting information in an attractive form. Thanks to this, you expose the greatest advantages of your company.
  • It is intuitive to use. A good website is easy to use. The more intuitive it is, the greater the chance that its content will reach a wider group of customers. That is why we build intuitive and modern websites so that the number of your orders increases all the time!
  • It loads quickly. The page loading speed affects its position in search results. For this reason, when building a website for you, we make every effort to load it quickly on every device.
  • It informs well. A well-thought-out website is a compromise between information wealth and user convenience. Too much content can cause the user to feel crowded with its amount and not become familiar with your offer. That’s why in CWT Advertising we choose words carefully, and each of them emphasizes your professionalism.

CWT Advertising pages = user conversions + knowledge of professionals

We know that creating an attractive website is not everything. To make you profitable, it should show high in Google search results. Our many years of experience allow us to create websites in such a way that they not only pay attention but position well. Building websites is our passion, supported by knowledge and experience.

The pages we build are repressive. This means that they display well on the screen of even the smallest smartphone. Why is this so important?

More and more people using the Internet are mobile users. Therefore, when creating a website for our client, every time we make sure that it is clearly visible on the screen at any diagonal and resolution.

Want to see what a well-designed site looks like? See our projects.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to know more? Please contact us!

How are websites created?

The process of creating a page depends on the package you choose. Depending on the amount of work, the process of building your new site can take from several days to several weeks. Below are the steps we take, depending on the package you choose.

Our actions

First package

We start work by talking to the client. If you want, you can visit us in our office, for your convenience we will contact you by email or phone at a convenient time for you.

After getting acquainted with your offer and the group of customers you want to reach, we send you our template suggestions or a ready template tailored to your industry.

Next, we prepare texts for the site and collect materials such as photos, graphics and testimonials from satisfied customers. You can also prepare texts yourself.

In the final stage, we proceed to apply content to the template and preparing the page. All work is carried out within 7 working days, so choosing this variant of the site, you can enjoy it in a very short time! You want your site to be ready even faster, contact us.

Do you want to know what our template-based page looks like? Examples of implementation:

Second package

Creating a website in the second package is based on an individually tailored project created in the Divi program. You can learn more about it here.

After receiving the order, we proceed to analyse your needs. We learn about the specifics of your business and determine which client you want to reach. Thanks to this, it is easier for us to design a website that will reach a potential customer and bring you profits.

Then choose the address of your domain that interests you. If you already have a website that you would like to change but stay with your previous address – please contact us.

Then, our graphic designer prepares project mock-ups. Thanks to them you can see what your site will look like. We send ready mock-ups for your approval. When the initial design is adopted, we proceed to the development of the text, graphics and photos as well as other materials that will be posted on the site. Please send us materials, such as photos of completed projects, projects and the office where you work. You can prepare content for the site yourself or entrust it to us – it will be written by an experienced copywriter.

The last stage of creating a website in package 2 is building the website. We put all the collected materials on a prepared project, and you can quickly enjoy the results because the duration of such a page is only 10 business days!

See what the page from package 2 looks like!

Package Three

The most extensive website, allowing for almost unlimited possibilities and perfect adaptation to your needs, is a website individually coded. This is the page from package 5.

Before we start coding the page, we do several things. Thanks to them, we can be sure that the website is a modern answer to the needs of both you and your customers. We get to know your industry, the specifics of the business and the target group you want to reach. We discuss the details by phone, e-mail or during a meeting.

We send domain suggestions and help you choose the one that’s right for your industry. We have free attractive domains for specialists from many industries. You can also opt for a new page at the address you already have. In order to discuss the details, please contact us.

After choosing the domain, it’s time for the initial design. You provide us with all comments and wishes regarding the appearance of your website as well as vision and ideas if you have them. We prepare a preliminary design, which we then send to you for approval. We discuss all comments and suggestions and proceed to the preparation of texts based on the information provided and conversations.

To save your time, the final graphic design and content for the site are created in parallel. Thanks to this, the complex project is ready faster. Before coding, we discuss the whole work once again. It’s time for the final touch and corrections.

After coding the page, it’s time to advertise on the internet. A well-made page is easily positioned, even on crowded phrases. We offer positioning, advertising and comprehensive care over the image of your brand on the web for created websites.

It takes an average of 30-40 business days for us to design an individual site and encode it. Do you want your site to be ready faster? Give us a call!

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Let your customers be found. Contact us!

What guarantees you cooperation with CWT Advertising?

We have been creating websites since the very beginning, that is since 2007. Thanks to this, we have gained something that cannot be overestimated – vast experience in a difficult and demanding industry. What shows our versatility? First, the fact that we create websites from which the following sectors operate:

We know that by entrusting us with creating your website, you trust us, that’s why we approach it with the utmost care. It doesn’t matter if it’s about building a website for a small company or a large corporation – we follow the highest quality standards with every order.


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Let your customers be found. Contact us!

Website development. CWT Advertising is the best possible choice – see for yourself and see our projects

The websites we created are a combination of beauty and usability. They are not only modern and visually attractive but also load quickly. As a result, they achieve high positions in search results and are easily accessible to your potential customers. We make sure that using them is a pleasure not only for the user but also for you – that’s why our sites are equipped with a CMS management system. Thanks to it, without specialist knowledge and skills, you will be able to make small changes yourself. If you don’t have time or want to – just contact us! The websites we created are search engine friendly and well made. Thanks to the optimization of its content, it is quickly available to the user even in the case of slower transfer.

Pages from CWT Advertising are responsive pages. This means that they will be displayed well not only on the computer or laptop screen with different resolutions but also on your tablet or smartphone.

We know that an increasing number of people use the Internet through mobile devices. Therefore, in the interest of the development of your business, we build our pages to allow your potential clients full access to the richness of their content.

Creating websites for everyone

We build websites for every budget. Regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large entrepreneur with an established position in the market, we are able to help you!

We support local businesses and people who are just starting their adventure with online marketing. We will prepare a page that will not burden your budget and will meet your expectations.

Check which page you need – contact us!

What does the creation of websites look like?

Needs analysis

Before we start building a website, we focus on analysing your needs. It is very important that the website created reflects not only the offer and history but also the mission of your company. We carefully read the offer of your industry and create an image of a person potentially interested in your offer. Thanks to the person, it is easier for us to understand the expectations of a potential customer and to respond to his needs.


Once we know what scope of work is ahead of us, we proceed to plan them. Everything is done so that the creation of your website takes as short as possible. We discuss the division of labour and transfer it to work. Throughout the entire period of implementation, we are at your disposal, open to comments and suggestions.


The next stage is building websites. To this end, we collect information about your business and use it to create the design of your website. The graphic designer prepares a model based on which the initial design is created. At the same time, our copywriter is preparing high-quality text that will be placed on the page. You can write the content yourself or entrust it to our specialist who will prepare a text that is not only attractive to your client but also well optimized for key phrases.

Implementing and building a website

We send the ready project to your approval. We exchange the last comments and make necessary changes. Next, we pass the visualization of your website along with all materials to the programmer, and he proceeds to coding.


If you express such a wish, we subject the finished project to marketing activities. All this to make your company gain recognition, which will translate into a growing number of orders. Thanks to marketing, your website will become a valuable source of information for customers and a professional showcase of a diligent and trustworthy company.

Analysis, consultation and support

The final stage of our web development strategy is ongoing data analysis. If you decide to position your website with CWT Advertising, you can be sure that we analyse all the results of our activities on an ongoing basis. We provide support throughout the entire period of cooperation, even after business hours, because your success is important to us!

Creating WordPress websites – our choice for your success

Website creation is based on the WordPress engine.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS system created to manage content on the site. With it, you can quickly change the content on your website. WordPress is a platform appreciated by hundreds of programmers in the world, including our team members.

Why do we build our websites based on the WordPress engine?

Thanks to the use of the WordPress engine, our pages are intuitive to use, functional and well-rated by search engine robots, thanks to which your website ranks high in the results.

WordPress is a very good script for web design. The basic version allows you to create a fully functional and stable website. Thanks to additional plugins, we can improve the site and add new features or create language versions of your site.

What plugins do we have?

See for yourself that it is worth choosing us

Thanks to the cooperation, you get not only a professional website and eye-catching advertising materials but also full support in advertising your company. We are a group of experienced professionals who constantly improve their competences. By choosing us you are guaranteed a well-done service and satisfaction with the results of our work.

Do you want to know more about us? Read what our long-time customers say about us and see that it is worth joining them!

Are you looking for an artist for your website?Contact us! and stay ahead of the competition!

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