Rebuilding and updating existing websites

Care of company websites and blogs – save time and gain new customers

Have us rebuild your website or update your data and refresh your brand image. With us, you will never spend time getting lost in using the administrative panel because we will do everything for you!

Reconstruction and updating of websites. Contact us and create a website that meets your clients’ expectations!

Website modernization – how can we help you?

  • Website update

You can request us to update your website regularly. We will help you, among others in adding a new offer, changing the content on the home page, publishing the certificate, the recommendation provided by the client, as well as supplementing the portfolio with additional photographs and many other technical obligations. Updating our clients’ websites is everyday life for us, which is why we will do our work efficiently and without mistakes.

From now on, you won’t log in to the admin panel, look for modules, watch template and plug-in updates and check which of the files on the FTP server is responsible for displaying the 4th header in a row on the contact subpage. Leave technical support for website updates to us.

  • Reconstruction of websites

Does your old website need refreshing, or maybe a general redevelopment? We’ll take care of it. Our team will design for you a new layout kept in a modern, minimalist form, which is 100% compliant with the RWD standard, and fully reflects your current offer.

On average, we need 14 days to rebuild the website. The reconstruction of websites will allow you to refresh the image and adapt the site to growing business.

  • Adaptation of the website to RWD (responsive websites)

Studies show that over 50.3% of all e-commerce and B2B segment traffic is generated by mobile devices. This is huge potential not only for sellers but also owners of service companies, which is why it is worth deciding to modernize the website or build a new one. If you still don’t have a website created in RWD technology, we can help you with that!

Let us build a new company website together with refreshing the graphic design or just adapting the current layout to smartphones, phablets and tablets. We ensure that regardless of the screen resolution used by users, your website will finally be readable, intuitive and trustworthy.


Do you have more questions about website updates? Or maybe you don’t know what your new business card template in RWD should look like?

Send a question about rebuilding and updating pages. We will answer today.

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