Side The Inside Adsense team gives SEO optimization tips 2020 -

Google, via its French blog dedicated to Adsense, gives advice to optimize its site to position itself in the search engine results. These tips, are more basic tips on links, content and structure, but these coming from the Google Search Quality team, it’s still interesting to talk about …

Google recalls that having Adsense ads on its site does not influence the positioning in the engine.

The positioning depends on many algorithms, optimization therefore requires a long-term strategy, so there is no point in using techniques to improve its ranking too quickly (abuse of the number of links, stuffing of keywords and other celebrations) .

There are three main families ofoptimization for natural referencing :

  • The structure of the site,
  • Quality links,
  • The contents.

It is therefore necessary to first structure your site well so that the engines take it into consideration. Pages should be organized logically with clear navigation. It is recommended to use a file Sitemap. Each page should have a title that is relevant and useful to the visitor. For the home page, we forget the “welcome”, “home page” and other similar titles.

In a second step, we must ensure the quality of links. Despite the latest actions by Google to remedy the abuse of link exchanges and link buying, so do not give up the netlinking strategy. It just needs to be better thought out and not artificial and / or industrial. Partner sites must have themes related to that of our site. Google also recommends writing original content to gain links (Link baiting). It is also necessary to pay attention to the outgoing links present on our site, these must respect the instructions of Google: no paid-linking except with a no-follow attribute. Before creating an outgoing link, Google advises to ask the following questions: Will the link be useful to my visitors, will the visitor click on it? Do not participate in link exchange networks that go against Google guidelines.

Finally, Google emphasizes the importance of content, which must be of high quality and added regularly to encourage visitors to return.

Source : Google Search Quality Team via Inside Adsense