Sizes, colors and much more for your online store! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

CWT Advertising It is renewed every day, today we present a new functionality that will allow you to have a much more complete and attractive product catalog. Add variants to your products, such as size, color, material, or whatever you want!You will have your online store with everything you need, multiple payment methods, home delivery, catalog with photos and videos, promotional prices, and now options per product. Remember that all the features that we are adding to CWT Advertising They are available to everyone totally free.

Add variants by product

Do you sell clothing? home’s products? Tools? No matter what you do, detail the variants of your products, set a price, images and stock for each of the options.

Each variant may have its own image gallery, disable options you do not want to show, set promotional prices on some, control the stock of each separately. Take advantage of the flexibility that the tool gives you and sell your products in the best way.

How will my client choose an option?

To make a purchase, your customer must choose one of the available product options and add it to the cart as it currently does. For this, in the item detail, the system will show all available options. The user must select the desired variant and press the “add to cart” button.

The detail of the option chosen will be seen in the purchase process, transactional emails and in your purchase order management.

Can I add my own attributes?

Of course! The system will present you with some pre-established ones, such as size and color, but you can add the ones you want. You simply have to enter the attribute management, put a name, choose the form of display and load all the options you want.

Then when loading variants within a product you can choose which attributes to use, they will be the ones that your client will have available to select the desired product.

Your online store was never so complete, try right now CWT Advertising, It’s free!