As part of its new “Behind the Business” series, Tiktok has published a new guide for SMEs wishing to use the platform as part of their digital marketing strategy …

A series of videos to optimize your digital presence with TikTok

After releasing a new TikTok marketing guide for SMEs, the social platform unveils the second part of a one-minute video tips series for small businesses. This tutorial series highlights video tips and techniques to help improve your TikTok clips and make them more engaging.

This new guide takes a deeper look at how small business owners are really using TikTok to increase connection with audiences and strengthen their digital presence.

TikTok tips from small business owners

The first video, for example, examines whether TikTok is right for your business. For brands wondering if TikTok is for them, here’s advice from gym founder Paul Bamba: “Anyone who isn’t on TikTok already has a lot to gain. It’s going to show a different side of you, and it’s a perfect platform to do it and show it off. And it’s a whole new market. So if you are already in a market, you can find a new one and develop more customers. “

Other videos then offer best practices for publishing your first TikTok and creating a community. For Dana Pollack, owner of a bakery that specializes in macaroons, for example, “The first thing I did was show the macaroons. I wanted to show all the bright colors to assess and see what people would do, ”she said. Of course, knowing what to post didn’t mean there was no doubt: “I was a little embarrassed at first, but I got over it quickly and now I’m having so much fun with it.”

While most of the advice is fairly general, there are several interesting points to remember. And the fact that they are from companies that actually publish on the platform adds additional value to the information shared.

Source: TikTok