Snapchat celebrates the event in its own way 2021 -

Would you like to organize a marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day? Is Snapchat part of your social media strategy for the event? It is not too late !

63% of Snapchatters will use Snapchat for Valentine’s Day

According to new information from Snap, around 70% of its users plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and 63% also plan to integrate Snapchat into this event.

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With the many health restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the need for human connection is likely higher than ever. Snapchat understood it well and wanted to celebrate it differently this year.

If you’re planning on enjoying Valentine’s Day on Snap, discussions about the topic increase the week before it, with conversations peaking between 16 and 20 hours a day. You can see the ebb and flow leading up to the event, which can help you plan your content.

New features this year

Snapchat also adds a new Snap Mini with the Givingli gift app which will allow users to create virtual gifts that they can send to users in the app.

Snapchat also announced the addition of a AR lens range on the Valentine’s Day theme, many of which include Bitmoji avatars.

This gives you a range of options for participating in the event as well as essential information to help you better plan and strategize social media to better integrate Snap into marketing campaigns.

Source: Snapchat