So you can support them with your purchase 2020 -

Due to the Corona crisis, numerous shops, restaurants, bars and service providers had to shut down. But many have shown that even without personal customer contact, some business with creative approaches remains in business.

All over UKy, numerous initiatives, business models and partnerships have emerged within a very short period of time to support local businesses, service providers and restaurants. After all, it is not the big chains that make our neighborhood individual and unique. It is the lovingly furnished cafes, the greengrocer on the corner and the flower shop with the perfect advice.

These stores now need your support to survive the crisis. That is why we have collected ideas for you on how to support your local favorites.

Boost sales with just a few clicks

Perhaps you have already wondered how you can help your hairdresser or your favorite Italian during these times. Numerous new online initiatives are dedicated to this very topic.

For example, there are national platforms such as #PayNowEatLater, which offer vouchers for restaurants and bars in your area. Simply select your own city and you will find providers near you. According to their own statements, over 360,000 euros have already been implemented on the platform.

Also the initiative next door! offers vouchers across UKy in addition to a donation platform. However, the offer is not limited to gastronomy. Retailers and service providers are also welcome.

Other ideas, such as the new Local Purchase app, which will be launched in the next few days, want to strengthen online sales. Traders without their own online shop register there and offer their goods or services online. Payment is made online, deliveries are made contactless to your own front door.

You can also find out who you can support and how you can support yourself on social media with just a few clicks of the mouse. Just follow hashtags like #supportyourlocal, #supportyourlocaldealer, #SupportSmallBusinesses, #SupportEachOther and stay up to date.

Find out from retailers in your neighborhood

Despite the ban on contacts and social distancing, you certainly don’t want to just crouch at home. A walk for two is still possible – with the required safety distance. You will find that there is still some business in some stores.

So keep your eyes open. Is there maybe a notice board at the bookstore that provides information about deliveries? Does the Vietnamese deliver around the corner? And what is actually happening in the yoga studio right now? This way you not only get fresh air, but you can also support your immediate neighborhood.

It is also worthwhile to use a handset or smartphone. Call your florist, fitness trainer, or favorite restaurant and ask how you can help. Whether buying a voucher, online training or ordering service, there is always an option.

Perhaps some local businesses have not yet noticed the online initiatives already mentioned and are trying to do so on their own – for example via social media or notices. Be there for you as regular customers. Maybe you can even help them get listed on one of the voucher or online shop platforms. Because not everyone has the digital know-how that is so important in this crisis.

Relies on local products

While restaurants, retailers and service providers are the most affected by business closures, some stores may still be open. But they don’t have it easy either, for example the liquor expert around the corner, the Italian delicatessen or the greengrocer.

Because at the same time the supermarkets are overrun. Since these cover the entire need and many consumers want to avoid unnecessary contact, it remains with a visit to Edeka, Rewe and Co. The small wine or fruit retailer goes empty-handed.

So consider beforehand whether you really need to buy a certain product in the supermarket or whether the greengrocer doesn’t have what you need. Or find out if there is a delivery service that provides you with a vegetable crate full of regional products every week.

Buy now what you need later

Many only buy something when the occasion is right outside the door. But maybe there will be several birthdays of your loved ones in the coming weeks and months. Then you can get gifts now.

Sure, a bottle of wine may not be the most original idea. But in these times you are doing something good for the local wine dealer. And also yourself, because you save yourself the hassle of having to find the right gift at the last minute.

Maybe you are also looking for products that are not available in the corner shop. No problem, you can get almost anything online these days. And you don’t even have to resort to one of the online trading giants. Maybe there is an online shop from your region that offers exactly what you want. Because also applies to online shopping: #SupportSmallBusinesses.

And if your favorite shop doesn’t have its own online shop, check out our list of aid initiatives. Many retailers sell online through third party vendors that you can find there.

Doing nothing can also do good

Support couldn’t be easier: just do nothing. But what do I mean by that?

There are currently numerous artists or musicians who are losing their sales due to concert and event cancellations. So if you could already get a ticket for a concert in May, consider whether you really want to have paid the money. In the best case, you do nothing and the ticket income is retained by the artists.

And who knows, maybe your favorite acts will also stream living room gigs on Instagram, Twitch or YouTube. And if you also want to be active for your artists: on platforms like Patreon you can support them with donations or the purchase of fan articles or works of art.

Can you do more?

There are already numerous, really great initiatives and ideas that show us what is important in the crisis. Cohesion and solidarity are required to ensure the survival of many self-employed and small businesses.

Be a part of it and support your favorite local shops. Share the tips with friends and acquaintances – offline and on social networks – and work together to ensure that our streets look as individual and unique as before, even after the crisis.

And if you have more ideas or know more support platforms, write us on Instagram, Twitter, in the Facebook exchange group or email us at [email protected] Stay healthy!