Social networks begin to steal prominence from Google in digital marketing - IDEA TU BLOG SITE 2020 -
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Advertising on social networks usually goes hand in hand with campaigns in search engines. While the first strengthens engagement with the consumer, the second drives traffic to the online portal and concludes in a greater generation of leads and sales.However, recent studies suggest that social media ads They are gaining ground to search engines. Data from Forrester Consulting collected in eMarketer They confirm that the discovery of products and the intention to buy increasingly depend on the social conversation.

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As noted in the graph, the Product Search On 2.0 platforms, it becomes increasingly prominent. It is not for less, because networks like Facebook, Pinterest and even Snapchat are developing and optimizing their respective search engines to stand up to the Google hoarder.

The latter, on the other hand, also takes advantage of some keys to success of social networks to boost its profitable advertising business. You might remember your attempt to finally end Facebook, Google Plus, which never got to curdle among Internet users.

Intention is what counts, they say. And the truth is that the Google social bet It is more than justified. As we know now, consumers use the social media search engine much more than before, also for Acquire the products.

The new generations, specifically the millennials, frequently go to social networks before opting definitively for one product or another. A quarter of them forget the old-fashioned search engine and take advantage of the social conversation to make the purchase, according to a Salesforce study. 16% of the members of generation X use 2.0 platforms for this purpose, a percentage that drops eleven points if we talk about baby boomers.

However, the reviews keep their primary rolebefore purchase for any age range (about 70% of those consulted). And given the role of Google Maps as a provider of opinions from real users, it could be that the Google kingdomDon’t be as threatened as you think.