Marketing Automation has been one of the big trends in digital marketing in recent years. Long reserved for large structures, offers are now available to SMEs. The market has no less than a hundred, so it is not always easy to choose the tool that best suits your needs. A comparative study of prices has just been published by SendinBlue, discover the results with us.

The difference in prices from one solution to another is quite confusing when considering implementing a Marketing Automation tool. For more or less identical functionalities, we can have prices that can vary from simple to 10 times. SendinBlue used Datanyze data to compare the different offers on the market. The result speaks for itself!

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40 automation software were studied including the famous Hubspot but also Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Active Campaign, Drip or Eloqua.

In order to start on an equivalent basis, the study compared Marketing Automation solutions on an offer for 10,000 contacts.

Average monthly price of Marketing Automation solutions

Above, you have the average prices of all these solutions. However, the price differences being huge between solutions for SMEs and solutions for large accounts, this is not very telling.

To see more clearly, the study therefore separated the SME offers from those for large companies.

On solutions dedicated to SMEs, there is an average cost of € 300 per month. For those intended for large companies, most ask for a quote for a volume of 10,000 contacts. For example, Hubspot, which represents almost 30% of the market, offers an offer at $ 2,200 per month to which must be added $ 1,000 of installation costs.

Of the 40 software studied, 50% offer “accessible” prices to SMEs. The study understands by “accessible” less than 500 € per month. This is the case for solutions like SendinBlue or Active Campaign for example.

The prices, in most cases, are based on the number of contacts, but some offers take other criteria into account in the pricing (number of emails sent, functionalities, etc.).

The study also shows that most publishers of Marketing Automation solutions play with pricing transparency by posting them on their site for 80% of the solutions studied.

Note also that the positioning between B2B and B2C solutions has a significant impact on prices. Most solutions dedicated to B2C being on quotation, it was difficult to have a representative average price, however the study indicates an average price of € 1,500 per month on the offers communicating their prices. Generalist solutions are the most accessible with average prices at € 660.

Get started in Marketing Automation

Adopting Marketing Automation will save you time and above all optimize your ROI. By automating the relationship with prospects through automatic recovery scenarios, salespeople can focus on the hottest profiles. The conversion rate and therefore the ROI can be improved thanks to reminders and adapted commercial mailings. Come and discover concrete examples of Marketing Automation scenarios.

I also encourage you to test the tools before making your decision. Most solutions geared towards SMEs, including SendinBlue, offer free trials.
You can also find the results of the study in the form of a Slideshare presentation:

Source: Price comparison of 40+ Marketing Automation software

Article written in collaboration with SendinBlue.