Soundmojis: Emojis on Facebook Messenger finally have a voice! -

Facebook launched “Soundmojis” on its Messenger application. The new feature adds sounds to emojis, giving users the freedom to express themselves even more …

Facebook users send over 2.4 billion messages with emojis on Messenger. These emojis, small icons to express emotion, add color and vibrancy to Messenger chats all over the world. They allow you to say what words cannot. Better yet, Facebook added sound to them to give users the freedom to express themselves even more.

Newly evolved emojis deliver sounds you might expect like laughter, clapping, crickets, drumbeats.

But you can also use Soundmojis drawn from pop culture, including clips from TV shows like Bridgerton and popular musicians. Facebook says it will regularly update the recently launched Soundmojis library.

Users can experience this feature on their own by starting a chat in Messenger and then tapping the smiley face. From there, they can select the speaker icon.

Source: Messenger