Stimulate creativity 2020 -

“Every man creates without knowing it, as he breathes” Paul Valéry. It means that in each of us is a whirlwind of ideas that are just waiting to be revealed. Becoming more creative requires stimulating your creativity, and like any other activity: it can be worked! Here are some tips to help you develop your creativity, followed by a list (obviously not exhaustive) …

# 1 Stay alert, open to yourself and the world

It’s important to be aware that to awaken your creativity, we must start by using what we already have in us. It is from this already enormous base that we can work to establish connections between: this brilliant replica in our favorite series, the superb exhibition that we went to see on Saturday, the scene of this mother with her little daughter in the bus that gives the impression of being at the theater, this magnificent fabric in a window while passing, music that plays on the radio, and everything that we can be spectators and that inspires us….

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# 2 Explore, test, understand

What is most important is to cultivate the plurality of your sources of creation: already to understand yourself, to know what makes us vibrate, but also to know why we like this or that thing. It is often when you block that you have a new door to open to enlarge your field of perspective …

If sculpture does not make you want, I encourage you to take a look at an exhibition dedicated to it. And if it’s always visceral when going out. Try to put words on what you don’t like, maybe that’s what somebody else will like.

It is by dissecting that we learn, and like everything: creativity is shaped.

# 3 Write down your ideas, detail them, design them

Hence this advice, always have a notebook with you, to write or draw whatever comes to your mind.

This precious tool will allow you to keep track of the multiple possibilities of creations that you encounter every day: the name of a film we told you about, a book to read, a singular day in your life, a good idea to explore, a scene you just witnessed…

The list of possibilities is endless, and you don’t have to go to great lengths to get ideas

Still, it is not enough to just watch hours of playoffs at the weekend and have a drink every night. Rather than drinking 2 pints this evening as an aperitif, put this money aside to reserve a play or have a show!

In order to give you a more concrete idea of ​​all that can be done to sharpen your creativity, I will try to list below all the activities that seem prolific to me in order to shape ideas that we already have or find new ones…

Walking = Sport = endorphins = ideas

Already to start: sport. We know how beneficial it is for health and for promoting the release of endorphins, so improve our well-being and cognitive functions to make us more conducive to creating. If you are not a great sportsman, going to the air for even a quarter of an hour helps to organize your ideas.

Who knows what you will encounter during this unforeseen walk whose itinerary you have not yet planned? Let yourself be carried away by your senses!

Exhibitions, cinema, literature, theater

To meet art in any form is to enter the universe of artists who have managed to bring their ideas to life. It is interesting to understand what process is behind the work that you have in front of you to understand the mechanisms that the artist used. The interest is also to become familiar with subterfuges, materials, concepts, or simply with a way of thinking which is not yours or which you would not have had spontaneously.

N.B. Reading before falling asleep stimulates the imagination and helps to dream (unlike television or the computer).

Watch, conferences

Whatever your sector of activity, it is necessary to learn about what is practiced by the competition or to know the major developments in your field.

What is going on ? What springs are used? This is an important step, because it avoids doing the same thing again, anticipating and thus standing out. Take it as a challenge to do better.

Manual labor

Engaging in manual activity stimulates imagination and creativity. And why not try to practice an activity that you have never tried? Sewing, drawing, cooking: do what you want, but do it with passion! Here are some ideas.

Small wise advice : rather than doing this activity while being taped to your television, listen to a podcast or just a good record just to clear your mind and really be what you do.

Meditation / Dream

Meditation allows you to empty yourself and feel connected to the present moment, so it’s a good way tolisten to his intuitions and put in order all the beautiful things that we have seen, heard, touched, or read recently in order to come up with an idea worthy of the name!

Another resource accessible to all: it is the dream. When we have a chance to remember it and they take us to unimaginable places, it is worth looking at it for two seconds and trying to remember it to understand how our brain took us to this planet, in this situation, with these people and with these details: would this be a message?

Learn / share

It is by relating our discoveries to our loved ones or other people that we appropriate them, that we structure our thinking and help your memory remember it. This is why sharing your feelings and different experiences with others is a good way to exchange, debate and sharpen your creativity.

Get out of your circle

If you only hang out with a certain category of people, it’s a safe bet that your interests are all more or less similar. It is crucial to get out of your circle of friends to experience new experiences and new ways of thinking.

Get out of your comfort zone

I like to assume that there is no bad idea, there is just a problem of agreement between the author of an idea and his audience. And then, between what we can imagine at the start and the final realization, the field of possibilities is so vast that there is never only one way to concretize an idea, sometimes it is worth it. -to explore.
If you look around, you will find a thousand and one resources for communicating, creating or designing new projects.

And you, what are your tips to stimulate your creativity?