Stocky, free photos classified for personal or commercial use - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

free photos

Although with CWT Advertising, you have access to a large library of images for your sites, it is always good to have alternatives that allow us to expand horizons, either to publish banners on social networks or to illustrate articles on the web, although it is It is important to consider the license of the content we have found to avoid violating the rights of the author of the photograph.

Today we want to share stocky, a website that shows very good quality content classified according to the user’s needs. It is possible to find photos of mobiles, offices, vectors, logos, the world of music, drinks, cosmetics, graphic design … there are not many photos in each category, but the content is really excellent.

The license is similar to that of pixabay: free content that can be used for both personal and commercial use (it can be published in the form of a banner on our Facebook business page, or create a banner in our store with the chosen image, for example ).

It is also possible to find videos and music themes, all available in the top menu of the website.

Source: Wwwhatsnew