Stop losing customers because of your Sidebar 2020 -

Are you losing sales because of your sidebar? You don’t think about it, but the sidebar is visible on all the pages of your site: if it is not perfect, the impact on your conversions can be significant. This slideshare explains how to optimize your sidebar to convert more visitors into customers …

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Summary: The 3 essential elements of a sidebar

1. Your Call to Action main (CTA)

Most sidebars suffer from one thing: they are overloaded. Start by identifying one (and only one) primary CTA. For most sites, the best choice will be one of these two CTAs: “Subscribe to my email list!” »Or« Discover my product! “.

2. Links to your best pages

Give your visitor an easy way to discover your best content. This way you can quickly deepen your relationship with each new visitor.

3. Links to the pages you want to reference

Your sidebar appears on the whole site. Place the links of the pages you want to go up there on Google.

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You will discover:

  • The Checklist of 4 steps for optimizing a sidebar in PDF format;
  • The tools that will allow you to generate and analyze your own heatmaps;
  • 3 types of sidebars commented and analyzed: a blog, an e-commerce site, and a distance learning site.

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