Successful content strategy without falling into "Mass Content" 2020 -

Want to improve the referencing of your site and the notoriety of your brand by creating content? Be careful not to fall into the over-information trap! Find out how to produce quality content without spamming your audience…

1. Analyze the habits of your audience and limit Mass Content

Before you start creating content, an inventory is required. Contrary to popular belief, web writing is a profession in its own right! It’s not just about writing, but watching trends, analyzing your audience, and building a strategy. Going blind is rarely a good idea. There is no point in writing content on the channel, broadcasting what is called “Mass Content” ! Without preliminary study of the habits of your audience, you risk losing reach: your content will go unnoticed and will not be read! To avoid this waste of time and money, ask yourself 4 simple questions:

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Who ? Who am I writing to? How old is my audience? What are his habits? These centers of interest?
When? When is my audience most receptive? What is the best time to read my content?
What? What type of content interests my audience the most? What kind of information does she like to receive?
Why ? Why should my audience read me and not someone else? What matters to me?

Do not hesitate to do tests to better understand the habits of your readers! Publish different types of content, at different times of the day, and analyze the results. Choose your subjects and your publication times according to the wishes of your readers. If no one reads you on Monday morning at 8 a.m., stop publishing!

2. Organize your publication calendar… and keep it!

Is your audience behavior study complete? Perfect. From the information collected, create your publication calendar. Write down all the details: what type of content to publish, what day, what time … And stick to it!

Example of a publication schedule:

On Monday : 11 a.m. Detailed infographic – 2 p.m. News explanation
Tuesday : 10 am Study of a practical case – 3 pm Tips and tricks
Wednesday : 9 am Explanation of current events – 4 pm Predictions for the end of the year
Thursday: 11 a.m. Detailed infographic
Friday : 4 p.m. Tips and tricks

Do not hesitate to update your observations of the behavior of your audience every month, and to deduce the organization of your publications!

3. Ban copy / paste, create your own topics!

After defining your publication rate, and the type of content that interests your audience, you still have to… produce it! To be sure to generate interest, focus on the “why?” Remember, when you started to analyze your readership … Why should it read to you? What makes you legitimate in his eyes?

Content to ban:

– The Copy and paste / plagiarism other articles
– Monotonous processing of information already broadcast in mass
– The publication of a visual (infographic …) without detailed explanation
– The processing of information already lapsed
– “Advice” content based solely on your research not your experience

Content with high added value:

– Sharing your knowledge and expertise
– Creation of your own visuals and infographics enriched by your advice
– The current explanation adding your vision
Your own thoughts and predictions on the evolution of your sector
– Interviews with professionals in your sector, made by yourself

By adapting to the habits of your readers, and by offering them content that they have not seen anywhere else, you ensure the success of your content strategy. And all that, without bombarding them with useless information!