Successful social media strategies and editorial lines 2020 -

The agency 1min30 launches several white papers around social media strategies and editorial lines of successful companies. But why so much attention paid to the editorial line?

A digital strategy is often defined as a marketing strategy that uses new technologies. We then hear the idea that it is a separate strategy, developed on new digital media such as the web, social networks, and all community platforms such as forums, etc. Such a definition oriented on the technical differentiation of the supports seems to us totally irrelevant. Indeed, should we have a different strategy depending on the media? Is a brand different on digital media than on traditional print or media?

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Myself and the agency 1min30 for which I work, have the firm conviction that everything must start with the real starting point: the definition of an editorial line specific to the brand.

So, in order to better understand and understand the attitudes and processes of brands that work on social networks, we decided to dedicate a space where various white papers specified for them will be centralized.

What if we no longer looked at digital strategy as a fragmentation of various strategies depending on digital tools, but rather as a global component, consistent and inevitably linked to the overall strategy of a company?

The structuring of these white papers is very simple :

You will be able to discover these different brands, all of which have succeeded in pulling out of the great game that orchestrates the entire digital symphony with social networks in the foreground. Whether in terms of image, reputation, numbers, they all achieve convincing results, thanks to the implementation of a clean and thoughtful social and editorial strategy well in advance of any socio-technological executive application.

As a result, you will discover the social presence of major brands and companies such as Starbucks, Oasis or Monoprix through their figures, their use and their own editorial line on these many social media.

You can check out these white papers here, yes right here