Successful Social Media strategy in fashion! 2020 -

Whether you’re a small boutique or a large brand, developing your social media strategy in the fashion field is not an easy task. To shine on all social networks, follow some practical tips…

Memes, clickable products and videos: the keys to success on Facebook

To unite your Facebook community, you need to know the codes of the social network, and adapt them to your target. Measure your promotional content, master the art of even, quickly answer all practical questions asked via Messenger. The online ready-to-wear store got it right! The British brand’s social strategy is based on an almost perfect balance between 4 essential ingredients:

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  • Sharing photos of ambassadors of choice : celebrities, influencers, they are your showcase!
  • Backstage videos : give your audience privileged access to the world of your brand.
  • Scenario videos associated with clickable product overviews : show how to combine a set, give the desire and the possibility of buying it quickly!
  • Tutorials and same : Your community must feel close to you, share content with which it can identify, with which it will be likely to interact!

Influencers, quotes, scenario: sublimate your products on Instagram

Instagram is the social network of the visual. To highlight your clothes and accessories, bet on the aesthetics of your account. Consistency and originality are the key words to succeed in your strategy. The young e-shop Ivylista has nearly 34,000 subscribers engaged, its social media plan is inspired by the codes of influencers :

  • Put back the photos of your customers! They are your first ambassadors! Sharing their posts will strengthen your relationship, and make others want to post photos of your products;
  • Put your products in situation : a pretty swimsuit photographed next to a pair of sunglasses and a tube of sunscreen, a little top highlighted near denim shorts and a necklace… Make your customers dream ( e) s, give them ideas!
  • Share quotes : a positive thought, the mood of the moment… Create your own visuals inspired by your logo, and drag them between your publications.

Forget Twitter and choose Pinterest

Your social media strategy should be based on two objectives: getting closer to your community, and making them want to carry your products. The visual approach is essential in the fashion sector, it is not necessary to bet everything on Twitter. The use of Pinterest is a real asset! Take beautiful photos of your clothing and accessories, with eye-catching pin titles and links to your product pages!