Successful social media strategy in the food industry -

Restaurateur, caterer, pastry chef … you work in the field of cooking and you wonder how to set up a social media strategy which works ? Discover some tips for boost your visibility, and your sales!

Share your recipes on Pinterest

Pinterest is the best ally of the actors of the food industry. Every day, thousands of people scroll the social network in search of inspiration to prepare meals, desserts or birthday cakes. Take out your camera and stage your most beautiful creations! Sharing your tips and recipes on Pinterest is to draw attention to your products, and create a community who sees you as an authority figure. More your followers will be seduced and convinced by your talents, the more they will want to call on your services.

Offer advice on how to sell your services

The idea seems counterintuitive, and yet. If your customers don’t know you, they are unlikely to take the risk of paying to test your kitchen. By offering free recipes, you give your target the opportunity to discover your dishes, and to be convinced. And when an event arises, a birthday, a wedding, a party… your name will come out first, because you have proven your talents! The visual aspect is essential to hook your audience. Do not hesitate to highlight your original creations, to make you want to click.

Make cooking tutorials on YouTube

After the photo, it is of course the video that offers cooking professionals the best opportunities. On Youtube, film and broadcast cooking tutorials Where pastry shop is a great way to grow your community quickly. In addition to your culinary skills, the platform gives you the opportunity to show off your personality, which makes you a business different from others. By sharing your own tips for making cooking easier on a daily basis, you are sure to increase your number of subscribers … so many potential customers!

Collaborations with influencers

The kitchen influencers are many. Whether professional or amateur cooks, pastry enthusiasts or even ASMR youtubers specialized in food, all have their own unique community. Why not contact them to collaborate on a video? You will reach an audience twice as large, and already likely to be interested in your services. It is also an opportunity to show yourself, especially if you are just starting out. By skillfully handling your influencer collaborations, you might even get ahead of competitors that have been in place for a long time!

Organize contests on Facebook

There is nothing more enticing than a free meal. Soon the time of the inauguration of your new restaurant? Create a promotion on Facebook to offer a lunch or a dinner in the form of a competition! The enthusiasm around the event will make it possible to share information on a large scale, and the losers will be tempted to come and discover this new address all the same. But you don’t have to offer a meal… Be creative! a free cooking class, a visit to your workshop, a personalized cake … It’s up to you to find the lot that will make you want to participate, and which will boost the visibility of your business.


You know the cliché of the instagrammer who takes pictures of all her meals? Food at the coast on Instagram! Competition is fierce on this social network, which combines professionals and simple users. To stand out from the crowd, remember to stand out by creating a real visual identity. Don’t just share your creations, turn your account around you. Introduce yourself, show your work environment, your inspirations … in short, share theDNA of your business. Don’t skimp on Stories and on Reels, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to play on all fronts. Can’t get started on YouTube? You do not have to draw a line on the video, take advantage of the short formats offered by Instagram to set up a strategy on a smaller scale!

Marketing influence on Instagram

As for Youtube, you will benefit from collaborating with Instagram influencers. Depending on your budget, you can organize small or large events to get talked about. Invite them to meet you, discover your products, and share what they liked with their community. Pastry chef? Select a few influencers, ask them what their favorite treat is, and let them taste your version! Restaurateur? Invite one or two personalities to share a dinner in your establishment. There is no shortage of ideas for promote your brand image with Instagrammers who are establishing themselves as authority figures in their sector. If they are convinced by your products and services, their followers will be too!