Take your responsive site to excellence by hiding specific elements - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Making a responsive site, as you probably know, allows the same design to be perfectly visualized on different device sizes. In the case of CWT Advertising, you do not need any technical knowledge, since your website will adapt automatically showing the content optimally to each visitor.But it is important that you keep in mind that this web design philosophy contemplates more factors than rearming the location of the content, since you can additionally configure which elements to show or hide according to where your page is displayed. That is, you will not always want to show the same information on all devices.

To explain it better, let’s look at a simple example: you have a complete table of items, indicating all its attributes, such as price without taxes, price with taxes, available colors, product weight, item number, and more. On a PC or tablet you may want to display all the columns, but it is possible on a smartphone that you prefer to use a reduced version of the table, only with the essential columns.

Implementing a solution of this style requires advanced knowledge of HTML. To make your task easier, at CWT Advertising we create a very easy-to-use solution, which we explain below:

1. Enter Advanced options for an item.

By entering the advanced options of an item you can set on which devices it will look.

hide elements in responsive html

2. If we indicate that it should not be seen on any device in the editor it will look as follows: hidden element in simple donweb sites

3. If we indicate that the item should not be displayed on tablets and smartphones, the editor will display the following icons on it:

hidden element in simple sites in responsive design

This functionality is already at your disposal. Use it by dumping all your experience and imagination, and you will achieve sites that are distinguished, are valued by your visitors and are rewarded with better search engine positions.