Target 4k leads, from search intent to conversion! 2021 -

Do you produce content, but it does not generate traffic and especially no conversion? What could be more frustrating than producing all these efforts without any return! Semji and Plezi have decided to take action to help you regain success!

During a webinar dedicated to SEO and Marketing automation, Marine Pacotte (Customer Success Director at Semji) and Benoit Collet (Growth Marketer at Plezi) will combine their expertise to help you generate more leads.

Webmarketing training

Their objective ? Give you in 45 minutes the most effective techniques for:

  • Produce content that speaks to your Internet users according to their progress in the purchase cycle;
  • Speed ​​up your lead machine by sending your content at the right time!

Proof by example, the two experts will come back to the success story experienced by Plezi, which starting from 0, managed to generate 4,000 leads!

When? Tuesday March 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

On the program for this webinar:

  • SEO x Marketing Automation : why are they complementary?
  • Create content for your internet users : how to detect the search intent? And how to answer it?
  • Identify the content that converts : how to detect high potential content? How to use them throughout the buying cycle?
  • Speed ​​up the sales cycle : how to increase the ROI of your content creation? How to measure the performance of your actions?
  • Recover practical advice to apply now within your teams!