The 10 limiting beliefs that hinder the growth of your business! 2020 -

Today, I share with you an extract from my book “Grow or Die, you must choose!” “Writes with Bertrand Lavalou, director of the agency’s study, on limiting beliefs (Thanks Bertrand 😉). It is a subject that I have only covered in this first book and that I will surely deepen in a following book or at least in the research work of the agency as I find that this problem is important and still little Express. Until recently, I was confronted with these beliefs with a founder of a talented startup, but ultimately quite condescending with marketing and his practice …

Through my meetings with prospects, customers, other professionals from all sectors or, quite simply, by rubbing shoulders with my teams on a daily basis and by discovering the personalities of each, I have identified the 10 limiting beliefs that prevent you to do marketing and stunt the growth of your business. To be successful, you have to know how to identify them and get rid of them.

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So here are my Top 10 limiting beliefs. And the list is not exhaustive.

Limiting beliefs 1. Believing that due propriety must be respected

Between insistence and clumsiness, the line is fine. But do not hesitate to relaunch your interlocutors calmly and elegantly, whether it be a prospect, a client, a journalist, a consultant or a supplier. You have to ask the questions, even the angry ones, until you get the answer, positive or negative, you need to keep going. You have to accept the contradiction, dare to stand up, share your convictions, even the nastiest.

Limiting belief 2. Believing that you have to protect your ideas

One of the best ways to know if your idea is good is to share it, to confront it with others. You will be able to evaluate it, sometimes enrich it. Are you afraid of being stung? An idea has no value, it is its implementation that alone can give it. So rather than trying to protect your ideas, count on yourself to put them into practice better than anyone else. Be it the creation of a new product, the improvement of an existing process or an original organization, be as transparent as possible. You will be further exposed, which brings me to the following belief.

Limiting belief 3. Believing that discretion is a virtue

Digitalisation or not, success – of people, offers, product services, ideas … – rests on an eternal triptych: notoriety, image reputation. And building a reputation, an image, a reputation necessarily involves exposure. So take advantage of any opportunity to speak up and reveal yourself. Give voice and show yourself.

Limiting beliefs 4. Believing that you have to impose your views

Both the teams I work with and my clients would probably tell you that I usually have a pretty good idea of ​​how to connect point A to point B. This is not entirely wrong. On the other hand, any idea can be enriched. By collective intelligence, by co-creation, by everyone’s experience. Listening is the foundation of any collaborative work of this nature. And teams as clients would also tell you – at least I hope so – that I can change my mind or take their inputs into account after hearing them.

Limiting belief 5. Believe that you have to be ready to act

If I had waited until I felt ready to create 1min30, I would probably still be busy today to refine a business plan. To find the perfect collaborator. To improve my site and blog. In short, one is never ready before taking action, because it is precisely action that allows one to be ready. Have you ever seen a baby thinking for 3 hours to take a series of perfectly executed steps the first time around? It is because he tries – and he has failed a number of times before – that he will eventually learn to walk.

Limiting belief 6. Believe that you have to know how to give up in time

Success is rarely immediate. And as you will discover a little later, I am convinced that it is only by making a mistake, by testing, by starting again, on the condition of taking into account the feedback each time, that we can improve. And improve a project. Lack of persistence very rarely leads to a result.

Limiting belief 7. Believing that it is good to be consensual

On the contrary, I think that you have to be ready not to please everyone to succeed, or that you have to look for it. You have to prepare for it and learn to let go so as not to live constantly through the eyes of others. It doesn’t matter if competitors or anonymous people don’t approve of your initiatives or share unflattering comments. Above all, it should never be a brake on your momentum. Your uniqueness is your differentiation, so cultivate it.

Limiting belief 8. Believing in the quest for perfection

I already told you about one of my favorite American maxims: “Better done than perfect!“. Repetition being the soul of pedagogy, I insist: the search for perfection is one of the limiting beliefs that I most commonly encounter in business. Take the risk of producing imperfect things, but produce them: this is probably how you will approach – a little more – perfection.

Limiting belief 9. Believe that you should never doubt

To individual talents, however developed they may be, I will always prefer collective intelligence. I believe in my ideas, I know how to defend my convictions and my opinions can be decided. But that does not prevent me, on the contrary – it is ultimately also a good way to confirm mine – to be interested in those of others. In all humility, because I find there a challenge and therefore, the opportunity to improve myself.

Limiting belief 10. Believe that you have to cultivate a strong ego

I already told you: the ego, like the fear of failure, is an obstacle to success, because it is incompatible with any effective collective production. So do not hesitate to step aside – a little – for the benefit of others, with kindness. You will learn more than by cultivating self-righteousness.

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