The 10 Most Appetizing Brand Posts on Facebook Last Week 2020 -

Like every week, we have prepared for you a top 10 of the best publications published on Facebook by brands. What brands have made Facebook’s algorithm salivate? The answer in this article !

Last week was marked by Labor Day, Star Wars Day or the cinema release of the latest Avengers. Have brands taken advantage of this 1st bridge in May and the arrival of superheroes in England to imagine visuals straight out of science fiction? We will surely have some answers in this top 10!

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Like every week, thanks to our Social Media monitoring platform, we offer you the list of branded content that has been the most interactive on Facebook. 10 contents were selected for their interactions (likes, comments, shares) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands sharing in French.




The week started with the May Day bridge and O’Tacos stands out on this occasion! Fans never tire of the brand’s products with almost 100k reactions! A post that smells of Spring and that makes us want to land in the park with our tacos!



O’Tacos is getting into the sweet stuff and the least we can say is that the message was very well received by its community. But where will the brand’s success end?



Incredible, O’Tacos is on the 3 steps of our podium this week! The brand has understood what types of content work and interact. You have surely already been identified on a publication with an ultimatum. We hope that the people identified will assume the challenge that stands in front of them!



While Spring has started a little over a month ago, the CM of Savoie Mont Blanc is impatiently prepared already in summer with this visual of Lac des Chéserys. Something tells me that the page will truster our top 10 for a long time with such beautiful visuals!



It was a long time ago that a transport brand had not appeared in our top 10 and it is true that Ouibus caught the eye of its community with this quiz where tickets for Parc Astérix were at stake More than 15k Internet users participated by mentioning a friend.



And 4! O’Tacos was visibly fit last week. The community seems very receptive to the visuals offered and does not hesitate to comment. The contents are imagined to make you want to mention a friend who is hungry and who could be tempted by a good tacos!



You were surely in front of your television on May 3 to follow the semi-final return of the Europa League which opposed Olympique de Marseille to RB Salzburg? The club caught up on the first leg until the overtime deliverance and Rolando’s goal in the 116th minute! The City of Marseille filmed the reaction of Marseille supporters live from the Orange Vélodrome where the match was broadcast. Cheerful scenes like we had seen more since Euro 2016! Let’s be patriots and all behind OM for the Europa League final which will take place in Lyon on May 16!



The transition to the Europa League final in Lyon is ready. The city of Lyon is aptly named “City of Light” to believe this superb visual of the ascent of the Carmes-Déchaussés which allows you to arrive at the top of Fourvière hill.



Like Ouibus, Perrier is making its top 10 entry for the first time. To launch its new Perrier & Juice drink, the brand has launched a contest allowing its most loyal consumers to win a kit of 3 new flavors!



We couldn’t leave each other without the presence of Easyvoyage, let’s see! The regular of our top 10 offers us this week a video that makes you dizzy. Above all, do not share this publication to a member of your entourage who is dizzy!

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Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new collection of the best Facebook posts, sorted for you.