The 10 most captivating brand posts on Facebook last week 2020 -

Like every week, we have prepared for you a top 10 of the best publications published on Facebook by brands. What brands have managed to get people talking? The answer in this article !

Last week was marked by the arrival of Spring and the International Day of Happiness. Have brands taken the opportunity to create buzz around these calendar events among others? We will surely have some answers in this top 10!

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Like every week, thanks to our Social Media monitoring platform, we offer you the list of branded content that has been the most interactive on Facebook. 10 contents were selected for their interactions (likes, comments, shares) from a panel of more than 1,000 brands sharing in French.




GiFi is a big hit this week with this competition which made it possible to win unusual furniture to say the least: a hanging chair! The rules of the game were simple: just leave a comment on the post. The least we can say is that the message got through with almost 74k comments! ?



We stay in the mechanics of the competition with LDLC which this week takes second place in our ranking. At the same time with the number of prizes to be won the community could only be receptive. The CM even launched a challenge by offering 1 year of games for 10k shares and with almost 30k it is a goal more than fulfilled! ?



Certainly, with this top three it can be said that contests have never been so successful compared to previous weeks. Only one lucky winner could enjoy a full panoply around the game “Sea of ​​Thieves”. With more than 25k reactions and 24k comments, the message is more than passed on to the community.



We were starting to wonder when we were going to see our loyal regular of the top 10. Easyvoyage had proposed to us less than a month ago a video where we could see whales swimming together. This week it’s our dolphin friends’s turn to be in the spotlight. Videos that always generate as much interaction with more than 30k reactions and 21k shares. ??



When Burger King asks his community to like a particular post, it allows him to be in our top 10! Some would argue that the technique may be a little too easy and simple, but all we remember is that more than 29,000 people saw that Ice Tea was now at Burger King! ??



“Take me to the Canaries”. With such a title, you definitely want to go there and participate in the draw proposed by TUI to win a week-long stay for 2 people in the Canaries. And necessarily more than 13k people participated. We understand them! ?



The Savoie Mont Blanc page always offers us breathtaking images and we are getting used to it. On the program this week: impressive images of the off-piste that departs from the Aiguille du Midi offers us sumptuous views of Mont Blanc. Please note: you must of course be accompanied by a guide! ? ⛷



With the temperatures far from being mild and the weather that reigns in England today, we clearly all want to accompany the Easyvoyage CM in this paradisiacal place …



Almost 12,000 participants, only one winner. The hashtag #JeJoueJePerds takes on its full meaning here. The same and the phrase “Unite in defeat” make it easier to pass the pill, and all that with humor and derision. Hats off to CM! ?



We finish this top 10 with a live broadcast by the City of Marseille. The Phocaean City was under the snow in the spring and no, it’s not a fiction!

Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new collection of the best Facebook posts, sorted for you.