The 10 most engaging content on Facebook last week 2020 -

Like every week, we offer you the content that most engaged the previous week. The same is true for all trades operating on social networks: appearing on Facebook users’ newsfeed is a daily struggle!
New media trusts interactions, friend lists are getting longer, Facebook is leveling the “natural” reach of non-native content … The competition has never been so hotly contested for boxes that want visibility on the platform. It’s in this sense that we are revealing to you the branded content that emerged the previous week, coagulating a significant number of user interactions.

I used the social media management software NukeSuite and its Insight social media monitoring tool to aggregate a corpus of a thousand brands publishing in French on Facebook. I suggest you listen to the content that generated the most user interaction last week, because a good watch fundamentally irrigates future good practices!

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See the 10 contents which engaged the most last week

The branded content that engaged the most last week

To establish this top 10 of the publications which engaged the most, I classified by volume of interactions. If the choice of the indicator can be discussed, it seems to me that it is the one that allocates the best enhancement of the virality of a content, and to highlight the good levers that we can replicate.

Like last week, LDLC trusts first place in the ranking. With nearly 106,000 interactions, the electronic equipment retailer generates visibility with its video competition model. The video format allows to stick to the uses of Facebook users, but also to be part of the good practices that the social network advocates, and therefore to increase its reach. The mechanics of sharing and calling for comments speed up the delivery of content.

Another electronic equipment retailer with similar mechanics, the publication of is marked by 72,000 interactions. The competition is clearly a type of publication that engages users.


The Easyvoyage brand emphasizes that a beautiful photo can be accompanied by contextual logic during a publication. Two elements that generally generate higher than average engagement rates.

Savoie Mont Blanc

The tourist center anticipates the winter season with a multiple publication, combining photos and video to give substance to the information


Like last week, the Pandora brand integrates the ranking thanks to its weekly meeting in the form of an album aggregating photos of its products produced by its community.


Easyvoyage is positioned a second time in the top 10 with non-native content. Note the calibration of the information between the text and the titling, which generates a significant volume of interactions, therefore a large number of comments and shares.


The automaker knows its classics in terms of practices and uses of users. With no prizes to win, but using the mechanics of the competition, the brand generated more than 21,000 comments.

Auvergne Tourism

Auvergne Tourisme makes use of its community while relying on the change of season. Two mechanics that hit the mark, when we add to that the quality of the images offered.


Easyvoyage offers itself the triplet with a beautiful photo of Mont-Saint-Michel.


Also during the back-to-school period, CRUNCH plays on the possibilities of feedback on a publication to make its community play and generate nearly 18,000 interactions.

See you next week for a top 10 of the most engaging branded content!