Coworking spaces are increasing in the capital. Some specialize in specific areas, others are open to all. Among the pioneers we obviously count NUMA or the Mutiny. NUMA, which for more than 14 years has hosted more than 40,000 people and 1,000 events in its buildings located in the Sillicon Sentier (Paris 2nd). A quick overview of coworking spaces where you will certainly feel at ease …

The Beehive

La Ruche is a coworking space in the 10th arrondissement which mainly brings together companies and organizations with a social objective. A place that wishes to link social innovation, entrepreneurship and human relations. The community is very tight-knit, consisting mainly of startups, but also of communities and freelancers. Transparency is also at the heart of the “La Ruche” project, and coworkers must be in this perspective of total transparency in relation to their project.

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The Beehive


Also located in the 10th arrondissement, the Coworkshop offers hourly, daily or monthly services. Whether as a resident or nomad, tea and coffee are provided unlimited. And you never say no to good hot coffee. Private offices are also available in this modern-looking space. The atmosphere is rather warm, and the members are diverse and varied: small startups, freelancers …

The Coworkshop

The Tank

The Tank which recently enlarged its coworking space in Paris. This space, which aims to be resolutely creative and ambitious, offers a pleasant and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs wishing to bring a new vision to their field of activity.

The Tank

Remix Coworking

With 3 spaces in the heart of Paris, Remix Coworking poses as an open and caring community of entrepreneurs. With a community based 50% on entrepreneurs and 50% independent creatives, the 3 spaces offer a real open door to new prolific encounters.

The Remix Coworking


Architects, digital professionals, journalists … The professions that have come together in this coworking space in the 10th arrondissement are numerous and diverse. Two freelance workers set up this space, creating the ecosystem they dreamed of. Workshops and offices are available to coworkers, whether resident or not.



Draft is more than a coworking space. These are connected workshops that form a united and creative community. With different workshops (digital, wood, textile) and state-of-the-art tools available to coworkers, Draft is the perfect space for young creators who need large spaces and well-equipped workshops to develop their products. With a pretty esplanade and a pleasant interior courtyard, the space located in the 18th arrondissement has met with great success.

The Draft workshops


Students, entrepreneurs, creatives and project leaders come together at Becoworking around a common point: the passion for creating and innovating. The aim of the space is to bring together a maximum of varied skills, in order to be able to pool these experts and create new things over and over again. Very focused on the digital fields, many events bring together these entrepreneurs around various and varied subjects: Coding, CWT Advertising … Three spaces distributed between the 17th and 18th arrondissement bring together all the coworkers.



WoMa is simply the abbreviation for Working and Making. And it is around these two words that the base of this coworking space located in the 19th arrondissement is concentrated. Exit collars and ties, in this neighborhood factory, we roll up our sleeves to create new things thanks to the tools available: 3D printers, laser cutting tools, milling machine, assembly workshops … In short, there is enough fun for DIY enthusiasts who want to create and test innovative products.


Mozaik Coworking

Mozaik offers two rather spacious spaces in the heart of Paris (Rue de la Chaussée d’Antin and Rue Bleue in the 9th arrondissement). In places with a modern and luminous appearance, coworkers come from different branches: digital, architecture, services … The spaces are also relatively accessible, with formulas that start at 195 € per month for a nomadic position.

Mozaik Coworking

How to find your space?

There are many sites where you can find a coworking space. The best known is Bureaus A Partager (BAP). The latter brings together different spaces: independent offices, offices shared by companies, coworking spaces, incubators or meeting rooms.

On average, it takes less than 15 days to find and sign for the rental of a workspace. This is a clear advantage for freelancers and startups who really need flexibility.

On the contract side, there is also a variety of contracts available: rental, sublease, service provision, precarious or 3/6/9 year lease.

On the site, the search is done in three clicks: you choose the desired city, the size of the team and the monthly budget. And presto, voila, the results are displayed and can be filtered according to different criteria (surface, configuration of space, neighboring transport, etc.).

The right solution to find a space for your convenience is also to use your contacts. The network works just as well to find a job, a nice restaurant or an interesting workspace. Because nuggets are not always found on the Internet but also in “real live”.

Someone who knows someone who knows someone can surely give you the keys to happiness … Or those of your future office, your choice! 😉

Finally more than a simple office, coworking, beyond being a trend in clear progression for the companies, turns into a new space of opening, construction and therefore of development.