In recent years, the number of websites has exploded considerably, because if only 10 sites existed in 1992, it is possible to count 1,053,778,388 in 2014. Therefore, a business must now be present online, have a site who knows how to differentiate themselves from the competition, but above all who knows how to stand out for their added value on the World Wide Web. To improve its visibility on the Web, there are several strategies, including marketing actions …

In this regard, Content Marketing is the most important discipline of CWT Advertising, since without content (“content” in English), the website could never be indexed by search engines such as Google. It also has 3 major assets: cost capital, sympathy capital and visibility capital.

1- Cost capital

According to Fantin (2013), the cost of acquiring a user by content is seven times lower compared to sponsored links from Google AdWords. Indeed, Content Marketing is an effective marketing discipline even when investing only a limited budget. Helping a potential customer earns a customer for life. It is for this reason that the effects of Content Marketing make it possible to create a real win-win situation.

Example: Yves Rocher

A pioneer in plant cosmetics, Yves Rocher has developed a unique business model, putting consumers at the heart of its strategy. Its strategy, entirely oriented towards customer relations and proximity, has made it possible to reach the position of leader on the international market. The site becomes a meeting place for the client thanks to advice on cosmetics and beauty in general. He actually receives relevant information while the brand benefits from qualified and regular traffic.




2- The sympathy capital

Due to its penetrating and aggressive nature, classic advertising is perceived as negative and irritating. It can even degrade the reputation of the brand. On the other hand, with a Content Marketing campaign, the brand can capture the attention of its target and thus convey its message more effectively. Knowing that Content Marketing does not envisage immediate sales, the interest of the consumer is placed at the heart of each marketing action. Whether with a moment of entertainment, a captivating story, expert advice or useful information, Content Marketing has real sympathy capital thanks to its exclusive value-added content.

Example: Innocent

Innocent has created a world around its products with a human identity, an evocative logo and a slogan that even makes you smile. The brand has managed to capture the attention of its consumers and potential customers with stories that invite you to dream – dream of a world far from everyday life and away from work stress. Thanks to the humor-based tone in describing the facts, the brand focuses on the emotion experienced by the reader who will undoubtedly remember the content and become attached to the brand.




3- Visibility capital

With previous algorithm updates, Google is increasingly putting content quality at the heart of its algorithm. This search engine confirms that the key to a good site is a good experience for the audience, which involves original, high-quality content. Content Marketing then representssingle weapon to meet Google’s criteria. With a creative Content Marketing strategy, visibility is greatly improved, which increases brand awareness and site traffic. Generally, good content is disseminated more widely on the web and especially on social networks.


Internet users get the information they need directly on the site through its travel guides and can at the same time make the reservation, the core business of the site. These two aspects thus increase its visibility on the Internet and make it a meeting place in the travel sector. Thanks to its Content Marketing strategy, the brand was able to improve its positioning.




Image source: Shutterstock