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Whether you’ve heard about it on a blog, in a podcast, or online training, you certainly have your reasons to be interested in dropshipping. Besides, it’s decided, you are going to start tomorrow: you have already found a dropshipping supplier, you have created the perfect logo and brand name for your online store, and all you have to do is open your Shopify account…

Wait a moment: you certainly have your reasons for wanting to get started, but are they all good? Dropshipping can be a great opportunity to create an online business, if you take a responsible approach and do it without prejudice. Here is 5 bad reasons for dropshipping : will you find yourself in it?

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Bad reason # 1: dropshipping is easy

It’s a fact: the dropshipping system greatly simplifies the logistics process for online stores. This sales method allows you to delegate the creation and management of stock, but also the delivery of products to a specialized supplier.

However, “simple” and “easy” do not have the same meaning.

Dropshipping is a simple method to understand, of course, but its execution is not always easy. The creation of a dropshipping shop will require effort, work and investment. It will also require that you train in digital marketing and the main online sales techniques.

Dropshipping is not easy: it is above all work. Exciting, if you take the trouble, but work after all.

Wrong reason # 2: dropshipping requires no investment

It’s certainly one of the advantages of dropshipping most frequently highlighted. However, it is only partly true: to get started in dropshipping, you will not need to invest in stock. Your supplier does not invoice you for the products sold until they have been delivered. The truth of this prejudice about dropshipping stops there!

For the rest, your business will require the same investments as the creation of a traditional online store.

Any e-commerce project requires investments to become profitable, from its launch and throughout its development: dropshipping is no exception to the rule!

You will have to anticipate the cost of hosting your store and that of an e-commerce platform like Shopify (unless you prefer a free CMS like WordPress). You will also need to plan the budget you will allocate for marketing and communication.

If you get into dropshipping just because you can do it at no cost, go your way. Your online store will require investment if you want it to thrive!

Bad reason # 3: no need to work to earn money with dropshipping

The three or four hour week is yours: thanks to dropshipping, you will never work again in your life and you can take it easy on a beach in Bali, a laptop placed between two cocktails.

Yes, but here it is: dropshipping is not just about creating an online store. You will also have to ensure the promotion and the commercial animation of your e-commerce site if you want to boost sales. You will also be responsible for customer relationship management and after-sales service for your online store.

The life of e-tailers is not always easy. You will not cut it if you decide to get into dropshipping!

Wrong reason # 4: dropshipping is 100% turnkey

Yes, many solutions allow you to get a turnkey dropshipping shop. Other tools allow you to automate your processes. Finally, training promises to deliver all the keys to the success of online business.

These solutions exist. They have one thing in common: they are all paying and, most of the time, very expensive.

They have another thing in common: none of these solutions guarantees success. If they can all help you to some extent, they will never replace regular work and significant personal involvement. And algorithms or a trainer can never do it for you.

Wrong reason 5: dropshipping will make you richer than Bill Gates

Dropshipping has made people wealthy. You can easily find them on Facebook, in front of infinity pools and overpriced cars.

These people worked and were lucky at the right time. These people constitute a restricted, but not closed, club. While it is unlikely that you will ever join it, it is not impossible. If this is your goal, you too will need to work and be lucky at the right time. Above all, you will need unwavering determination.

For others, dropshipping may not make you rich. It may allow you to generate additional income. It may offer you the opportunity to change jobs and devote yourself fully to online business. It may become a rewarding experience that will redirect you to another path digital marketing.

Dropshipping can take you far, provided you get started for the right reasons: and you, what are yours?