The 6.5 different types of clients you can meet on the web 2020 -

What types of customers will make you lose your mind? In reality, there are several customer profiles on the web, but also on physical businesses. But today, we will focus on the 6.5 types of customers most present on the web. Why 6.5? You will know very quickly by reading the article to the end. If you want to go through the audio version to get to know these different types of customers, you can also have an independent version of the article right here on YouTube or here on Soudcloud. Ready to discover these different types of customers? Let’s go!

Client type # 1: The “fan” client

It’s one of the types of clients I recommend you have the most in your online business. Indeed, this client will buy most of your products and will always be satisfied with the work you provide. It is also one of the types of customers who tend to provide you with good feedback and customer testimonials. To attract these perfect customers, you will need to target them well, whether through Facebook advertising or even in your email capture pages. Because I remind you, before becoming a perfect customer, this customer is first of all a prospect involved in your mailing-list. So always send them good content with high added value.

Type of client # 2: The client “who improvises as a negotiator”

This is one of the types of customers who wants to negotiate your prices. He is not one of the most frequent types of clients and fortunately for you. But it still exists. This negotiating client wants to pay less for your services. If you are freelance, you will be more likely to meet one of these types of clients.

Type of client # 3: The client in a hurry

This type of customer is the one we love because they buy your product right away. No need for a complex sales pitch, because he is already more than 80% convinced by your product / service. But it’s not one of the types of customers that fills your mailing list the most. You can have these customers through Facebook advertising (for the most part), but also through the natural traffic of your blog / site. These are the types of go-getter clients who are supposed to reimburse the start of your Facebook advertising budget, for example.

Type of client # 4: The “undecided” client

The undecided client is one of the types of clients that will largely make up your mailing list. This customer is unsure whether to buy what you offer or not. He doubts your skills, but also the proper functioning of your product or service. If you are an e-merchant, it’s not the same thing. Indeed, there are very few undecided customers in e-commerce. People buy and that’s it. But in case of an abundant basket, it is another story. To convince your client, create a good relationship of trust with him to make him a perfect client.

Type of client # 5: The “prepared” client

It is one of those which is subdivided into two categories: (hence 6.5)

Case 1: “Knowledgeable”: This is a customer who has already learned about you and your business (if you have one), but also about your products and the famous results they are supposed to provide. In order to be sure of his purchase.

Case 2: “The Critic”: This client tends to comment (sometimes in a not very nice way) on what you do for him. In reality, he already had the knowledge and skills for which he hired you most of the time, but did not want or could not do them himself. He may also have just wanted to confirm his knowledge. He’s one of the types of customers that can be annoying at times, unlike Case 1.

Type of client # 6: The “pissed off” client

He’s one of the worst types of customers. Indeed, he will tend to be too demanding with you and he is also a customer who is not down to earth because of his high expectations. A word of advice if you have this type of client: do not rush him, because they are mostly clients who are already frustrated enough not to have what they want. Stay tuned and bring her feet back on the ground.

For more information on the different types of customers, you can also consult this additional article. Feel free to post comments and share!