Some have blogs that struggle to attract visitors. Their traffic is moribund, visitors do not spend more than 3 seconds there and their bounce rate is 97%. Others, on the other hand, have a smile to their ears. Their blog is read by thousands of visitors per day, their content is shared by hundreds on social networks. And when you appear on their blog, you feel the success full nose…

What is the secret behind these blogs? What recipe do they use? How do they get to Nirvana? This article will give you the key to the success of these blogs.

So if you have a blog or are about to get into the arena, do this: turn off your phone, close all other web pages in your browser, and just focus on this article. I promise you that at the end of this editorial, you will have plenty of ideas to get your blog out of the depths of the marshes.

But above all, I will tell you a little story. When I first started blogging, I was the most excited man on Earth. Besides, who isn’t when it starts his blog? I had read the blogs of gurus such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Darren Halpern, all of whom were successful in this field and who claimed to earn hundreds of thousands of euros per month. I thought : “ If I only have 10% of their profit with my blog, I will be the happiest man on Earth “.

So hop! I have read hundreds of articles, tutorials here, guides there. A few weeks later, my blog was live. My dream was getting closer to me. I felt like I was part of a privileged caste, that I was someone new, different. I put some energy into my blog, I wrote articles that I thought were really cool.

That’s when I realized that something was wrong. Things weren’t going as I expected. But where was this damn problem that prevented me from realizing my dream? After a while, tired and discouraged like most novice bloggers, I abandoned my project. I went to grab onto something else. But it wasn’t until long after I understood what had blocked the gear, and I’m going to tell you today. My goal: that you do not make the same mistakes as me.

Here’s what successful blogs do …

They understood that defining their target is essential

Imagine that you are invited to a conference and that you have to give a speech on the place of women in business management. Do you think your message will be well received by women or men? By women of course. Even if the men are in the room, it is the women who will feel the most concern.

One of the keys to a successful blog is to clearly define the people you’re going to talk to. You have to be frank about this, you cannot keep a message that is addressed to everyone, otherwise efficiency will not be there. It should never be forgotten that readers want to talk about them and only them, not anything else.

They understood that they must be solvers, the Anglo-Saxons talk about solving persons

The big blogs that are wildly successful on the Internet are those that are committed to being solving persons. They don’t talk about what they like. NO. This will have no impact on their audience.

To create a blog is to decide to help a community, the money comes after.

Every human being loves when we talk about him. If you’ve defined your audience well, figured out what their problem is, then you’re in a good position to answer the questions that plague their lives.

Once your readers are on your blog, they must say to themselves: “Wow! This guy really understood what my problem was and he gave me the answers I have been looking for for a long time. ”

They understood that they must be experts

There are so many blogs on the web today that it becomes difficult to choose and know which blog to go to. If you are a regular blog, you are dead. You must be a reference in your field and with your target.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

By making a notch more than the average. The first step is first to provide specific answers to questions from your audience, because if what you say helps them to be satisfied, you are already in a good position in their minds.

The second step is to produce unique, deep and valuable content. Avoid average content that pollutes the web. I’m talking about creating content that will leave your readers speechless, which will push them to say “Wow, this guy is great”.

The third step will be to show that you are a safe bet. How to do it ? Become popular. Come on, be visible on major platforms. Publish on big blogs, make common articles, publish high quality guides or ebooks and share them for free. Also interview other web influencers. All this will change the way we look at you.

They make punching articles

Do you know what a punch article is? He’s the one who slaps you from the start. In the French-speaking world, the one I often remember is André Dubois from the Traficmania blog. In most of his articles, the reader cannot help but be concerned. He has a way of writing that makes you guilty. And since you are guilty, you have a serious problem to solve and you are impatiently waiting for him to give you the solution.

They use captivating titles

A good title can save a bad article, but a bad title cannot save the best article in the world. The title is the first determining element of your publication. If it is bad, you will lose thousands of visitors. In fact, no one will click on it. The trick is to take time to design captivating and alluring titles.

Think of sites like Buzzfeed. When you land on the home page, the quality of the titles alone guides your hand to click as quickly as possible. Magnetizing titles will automatically direct the finger of Internet users to click on your post.

They spend more time promoting their blog than writing articles

You have been wrong for years. We spread the idea that you need to write more and more articles for your blog to have visibility. However, that’s not true. If you spend your time writing and publishing, who will read your content? Your cousins, your aunt, or your girlfriend? You have to change your approach. Dedicate 70% of your time promoting your blog and your content. Here are some tips:

Write guest articles

Post on other major blogs that already have a powerful audience.

Advertise Facebook

Facebook advertising is a cheap way to give visibility to your content. Here’s what you’ll do: After posting the article on your Facebook page, go to the ad manager and start a sponsored post ad. This will help you be visible to your fans as well as new audiences. The best part is that Facebook advertising is affordable. With 1 euro per day, you can give more visibility to your content.

Post your article link on Twitter

Do it at least 4 times a day, however varying the titles. Otherwise, you will be considered a spammer, which is not good for you, I assure you. If you want more tips for promoting your content, you can find a guide to 43 tactics here.

In conclusion

It’s not magic to have a successful blog, but you have to know the truth: success takes time and energy. For the rest, agree to apply the advice in this article, you will see how your blog will take a new dimension.

On your side, which of these tips do you apply in your blog? Which has been instrumental in your success? Tell us in the comments section.