the 6 missteps you shouldn't make 2020 Guide -

Creating a profitable brand on the web is like a real challenge, not to mention an obstacle course. The stages of such a creation are numerous and complex. However, at each step, the fatal error or the misstep awaits you. And if we leaned together on the worst branding mistakes that you could commit, but also (and above all) on ways to avoid them?


Mistake # 1: Creating a brand with blurred contours

To bear fruit and help you boost your sales, your brand identity must be clearly defined. There is no place for branding, hesitation, approximation and artistic blurring. A poorly defined brand identity will not find its place in the minds of consumers either: you must therefore create a sexy and attractive brand, original and easily “readable” to succeed in the bet of branding.

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How to avoid this branding error?

Do not launch your brand until its identity is clearly (and definitively) defined. Banish thoughts like “Haven’t we done this yet?” No problem, we’ll see later. “: They are your worst enemies.

Finally, think about gathering and formalizing all the elements for thinking about your brand in a single document.

Mistake # 2: Let your brand contradict itself

The consistency of your brand and its speech is essential. Indeed, brands must become stable and reliable benchmarks for to settle permanently in the mental landscape of consumers. If you send contradictory messages through your brand, they will no longer know what to expect: beware, danger!

How to avoid this marketing error?

By formalizing your branding strategy in a single document, again! These guidelines, a real compilation of good practices to respect, will help you maintain the consistency of your brand and your communication on all occasions.

Mistake # 3: Create a complicated brand

The simplest things are the ones that are best remembered. Above all, do not complicate things when you create, then manage your brand! A slogan that is too long, a list of ten or fifteen different brand values, a logo that uses all the colors in the color chart will not help you stand out. Worse, your brand may be overlooked by consumers looking for simplicity and clarity.

How to avoid this branding error?

By channeling your creative impulses! You can quickly feel like you are overwhelmed by a multitude of great ideas when you create your brand. Spoiler alert : they are not all that great!

Take the time to lay out all your ideas, then let them sit overnight or for a week. Compare your ideas, eliminate the vaguest or most inconsistent of them, sort and focus on the essentials. This is an essential refining job!

Mistake # 4: forgetting to be consistent

Consistency is one of the essential principles of branding and communication. Only brands that know how to remain consistent can successfully establish themselves in their markets and outshine the competition. Conversely, inconsistency is one of the worst dangers lurking in your branding strategy.

If you broadcast different and contradictory messages on your communication media, online and offline, or if you change your graphic identity on each social network, consumers will no longer really know who you are. Your brand will then fall through the cracks: it’s as simple (and unforgiving) as that.

How to avoid this marketing error?

By creating your communication campaigns in a single block, based on your official and final guidelines. Do not make the mistake of designing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads publications separately.

Instead, start with the product, service or content to promote, then decline a single brand message for all your communication media. In addition to respecting this essential principle of consistency, you will also save time!

Mistake # 5: Inspire yourself (too) freely from the competition

The challenges of brand creation are many. However, its competitive dimension is particularly important. Indeed, the first mission of your brand will be to differentiate yourself (better, if possible) from your competitors in the eyes of consumers. However, if you gain by watching what others do, you will always lose by trying to reproduce their practices.

At best, consumers won’t even notice your sign. At worst, they will associate it with plagiarism and a lack of originality: we let you imagine the life expectancy of your brand under these conditions.

How to avoid this marketing error?

By conducting regular competitive intelligence to constantly ensure the originality of your brand. Know your enemies: this adage also applies to marketing, and especially to the art of branding.

Mistake # 6: forgetting to listen to your brand

If others start talking about your brand as a whole, we have good news for you: your brand has caught on! This does not mean, however, that the danger has been definitively averted. What others say about your brand is more important than your strategy, your communication plan and your original ideas.

We will even go further: your brand is just what consumers say. You would therefore be wrong not to listen! If you do not follow your brand reputation carefully, you will move forward in the dark. You will even take the risk of having your brand slip between your hands and completely escape you. People who talk about your brand can turn it into something completely different if you’re not careful.

How to avoid this branding error?

By adopting a rigorous and regular monitoring process. Free tools can help you, at least at first: no need to invest directly in overpriced software. So Google Alerts will be able to notify you as soon as your brand name appears somewhere on the web: it’s already a great start.

By avoiding these major branding errors, your brand may become your best sales and marketing tool. Take the time to develop, enrich and showcase it: your brand deserves it!