The 6 pillars of the mindset of a successful entrepreneur! 2020 -

What is the right mindset for a successful entrepreneur? You are not born an entrepreneur, but you become one. A successful entrepreneur is just an average person like you and me, but with a few details. He is a person with a vision, sometimes even a huge mink such as Steve Jobs, who founded the crunchy apple brand, but who, unlike more than 95% of the others, is doing everything to MATERIALIZE this vision…

An entrepreneur is one who is prepared to wait two, three years without any results. A person withgreat perseverance and patience, then who at the ten thousand first time, literally explodes his results.

“I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. ” – Thomas Edison

A successful entrepreneur is one who is brimming withan inexhaustible motivation and who has the rage to succeed and achieve once and for all his objectives, Insolent determination !

An entrepreneur has a bold ambition, because he takes the path that nobody takes, the one that is less secure as the others say.

He takes risks….

The more risks you take, the more you risk losing big, but the more likely you are to win the jackpot!

This article is intended for people who are interested in the world of entrepreneurship, but also for entrepreneurs themselves, whether they have their field of activity on the web or not.

So, stay motivated to what will follow, as it will be EXPLOSIVE for YOUR MINDSET!

Mindset Entrepreneur # 1: From imagination to VISION

Visionary … this is one of the pillars of the mindset of a successful entrepreneur! Mink (in the long term) will allow you to remain confident in yourself. To believe in YOU, to believe in your goals and above all to believe in YOUR success!

This is sort of the mental schema that the entrepreneur has. It gives THE direction to take for the good realization of the actions. Mink is not an imaginary dream, NO! This is where the idea that grows little by little for the entrepreneur starts.

The latter will motivate you even more in “bad times”. You will be inspired by this vision in your “combatant” journey to achieve the results YOU hope for! Vision is the main pillar behind taking action, in reality it is part of all the actions that the entrepreneur decides to take.

The vision will promote your creativity as well as your innovation. The visionary entrepreneur seeks to “create a better world that will meet the most important needs while picking up a good bundle of tickets next door.” 😉 “. And this world is described and explained in his vision.

Your vision will allow you to better configure your organization and your productivity. It gives a lot more meaning to the development of your project.

But vision is also related to your Goals, at business development as well as to your vocation.

  • Visionary goals, your vision will allow you to develop your intermediate goals to finally reach your final goal.

And that’s what will allow you to turn your mink into reality!

Be visionary! Besides, a little anecdote, Steve Jobs found his vision and his imagination in hard drugs. Who would have thought that one of the greatest CEOs was also on the verge of drugs. Of course, these drugs helped him imagine the iPhone. Pretty cool to take drugs and collect billions sometime after. 😉 Of course, I caricature a bit and I don’t really advise you to do the same 🙂

Mindset entrepreneur # 2 and # 3: The perseverance and the patience, It’s all in the head !

” Patience is a virtue “

This is Lisa. Imagine there, Lisa is 28 years old and will apply for a loan from her bank to finance the creation of her tenth business. The other nine were overturned, unfortunately. But today she is confident and has prepared everything for her loan application. All content with blonde hair in the wind and a smile up to her ears (yes Lisa is a great optimist!), She will go to the last bank who wanted to present her her new super project. She is received by her banker, in her fifties, a little unshaven and sits on a comfortable black seat.

Thirty minutes later, after presenting his detailed and complete super project, his banker said to him emphatically. He only received it out of courtesy. And so Lisa spent a good 30 minutes presenting a project that was not going to be funded anyway.

Too bad, because in reality, Lisa didn’t care a bit. Well, it’s true that she didn’t really enjoy being respected that way by her banker, but she knew what to do. Fighting for her project, because she believed in it hard.

So she contacted a broker. Then a second, because the first found nothing for her. And even a third. She also presented her project to all the banks in her department and even went to see and list the banks in other departments that could potentially finance it.

Nothing at all, NO everywhere.

But Lisa never let it down and luckily, because on this Thursday, March 20, she had a YES from Caixa Bank, a Spanish bank that agreed to finance her great project. Lisa has moved to Spain today. She lives her life there. And at 65, she is the fourth Spanish female fortune. Did I forget to mention that Lisa is totally from 0 and came from a very small popular suburb in England.

This story is completely made up, but can largely be real and may even apply to you. After nine business failures and tons of funding refusals, she ended up getting financing from a foreign bank. Thanks to her persistence, Lisa finally managed to live the life she wanted. If she hadn’t been persistent to the end or even patient, she wouldn’t have been where she is now!

All this to tell YOU that the successful entrepreneur is a patient and persistent entrepreneur!

Mindset Entrepreneur # 4: The motivation, a performance lever!

Motivation is the key to the continuation of your projects and combined with the other five pillars, the latter is indestructible! It will lead you straight to the door of the success of your projects.

But beware, the entrepreneur does not draw his passion from making money. Very few have succeeded with this type of motivation. To my knowledge, Bill Gates has managed to climb more than at the top by being passionate about money, but also what he did and loved the risk! Filling in this rather not very personal and generalist source of motivation that is money.

Indeed, you must have a constant source of motivation as a successful entrepreneur. It can be your vision in itself, but also for a loved one who motivates you, or even a personality … an idea too.

But your ultimate source of motivation in addition to your vision, in addition to what you want to bring with your project, to the people you could help …, YOUR main source of motivation, is your life! The life you want. And this is what motivates the successful entrepreneur in the first place, he gets his motivation by thinking of improving his quality of life (through his project for example)!

As a bonus, I can recommend this additional article which gives you 10 tips to stay motivated no matter what happens in your business.

Mindset entrepreneur # 5: The determination, a skill to envy!

It is one thing to be determined to succeed, but to be determined to achieve your final goal, to fight for your vision and your project to give everything as a successful entrepreneur, it is quite another.

You have to know how far you are ready to go for the realization of your project. In reality, a successful entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who has no limits (but of course, without breaking laws and morals). The successful entrepreneur knows when to make sacrifices to keep moving on the right path for his projects. He is therefore determined to work while everyone goes on vacation (for example), because he knows that all his sacrifices will be generously rewarded as soon as the wheel is reversed to HIS advantage!

Nothing and no one can stop you or even your loved ones who love you, but who do not understand your decision to quit your safe job, to have a better quality of life and to take all the risks that a successful entrepreneur takes. Nor even the bankers who will refuse to finance your project. No, nothing and no one can get in the way of your success!

Mindset entrepreneur # 6: Theambition, an outstanding ally…

Finally, the entrepreneur who succeeds in an iron ambition to complete his project!

Any self-respecting entrepreneur must have ambition. Otherwise, it will stay where it started, at the miserable starting point. Ambition is the starting point for any activity in addition to the idea of ​​having it, of course. Indeed, the successful entrepreneur likes the risk, and sometimes takes risks without even being aware of it. It’s up to you too to take risks whether it’s a web or physical activity.

Get out of your comfort zone every day to expand it. Have big plans and don’t limit yourself to something “small”, because it will remain so if you limit yourself psychologically!

Have AMBITION like a successful entrepreneur!

I hope this article has been useful to you and has boosted your entrepreneurial spirit! 🙂

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Have a great day!