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Between the rise of artificial intelligence, hyper-personalization, video and the importance of instantaneity, discover the trends that will shape the sphere of digital advertising in 2021.

The digital advertising market in 2020

In March 2020, when the whole world was turned upside down by the Covid-19 crisis, companies’ uncertainty about their future portended a sharp decline in growth in the advertising industry.

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However, this prediction was invalidated: carried by the peak of Internet and social media consumption during the pandemic, the sector owes its immunity to online advertising.

This has not said its last word, and if it represents 55.2% of investments in England to date (source: MAGNA December 2020), internet advertising should see its growth continue over the years. year 2021. Beyond the advertising players, it is the brands themselves that will benefit, by discovering a new way of developing thanks to the wealth of digital advertising tools.

Faced with this challenge, ORIXA MEDIA, an independent Digital Marketing Agency expert in the creation and management of multi-lever digital acquisition strategies, has been able to set up innovative solutions to help companies and brands of all sizes and all sectors to maximize their performance. In this article, she reveals the 6 digital advertising trends to follow in 2021.

6 trends that will shape digital advertising in 2021

1. Diversify Google Ads formats

In 2021, capitalize on the diversity and performance of the formats offered by Google Ads and distribute creative content across the web. For example, Gallery Ads are ads built from a selection of “swipeable” images, enhanced with a call-to-action. Showcase Shopping ads allow you to display a set of related products. We also think of the Discovery campaigns, which allow, with a single campaign, to serve optimized ads on Gmail, the Home and “Videos to watch next” sections of Youtube as well as the Discovery section of the Google application.

2. User experience at the heart of SEO

The importance of user experience promises to continue to grow in 2021. Starting in May, Google will take into consideration 3 new UX indicators in its ranking algorithm: Core Web Vitals. These are in addition to the other criteria of the Page Experience, signals that measure the quality of user interaction with a web page. The speed of loading pages, their interactivity and their visual stability will henceforth be an integral part of the factors influencing a website’s position in search results. Enough to encourage you to audit your website to best prepare yourself for this evolution!

3. Automation in the face of the need for hyper-personalization

There is no doubt that the reign of mass advertising delivering an undifferentiated message to users with very individual needs is over. Marketing automation solutions now make it possible to deliver a message adapted to the behaviors, interests and position of consumers in the conversion tunnel. Between emailing and search ads, digital automation saves time on repetitive tasks while offering ultra-personalized communication without wasting your resources.

4. Augmented reality

With games like Pokemon Go or filters on Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger, augmented reality has become widely democratized and is now an integral part of the digital landscape. From a marketing point of view, this constitutes an opportunity for brands to highlight their products and their universe by providing a unique experience for the user, who goes from a role of spectator to a role of actor in advertising.

5. Chatbots

Over the past few years, chatbots have experienced growing success that cannot be lost in this new year. Indeed, the rise of conversational marketing as well as the strong demand for a hyper-personalized service portends a bright future for these small robots, the fruit of artificial intelligence, which can answer Internet users’ questions in real time and communicate naturally.

Why adopt the chatbot? On the one hand, the speed and relevance of the response received by the user maximizes your chances of conversions, and on the other hand, you reduce the expenses related to customer service.

6. Communicate via instant messaging

Instant messaging applications are part of our daily lives when it comes to communicating with our loved ones, but this channel is also on the way to becoming the new space for exchange between brands and their community. By strengthening the close link between businesses and consumers, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are establishing themselves as the promised land of hyper-personalized customer service.

In addition, other trends seem to be emerging at the start of the year. First, that of mobile first, which will have to be followed closely, but also of Youtube Ads which should grow in proportion to the consumption of video content. We can also predict a multiplied presence of brands on the new major search engines, such as YouTube again, as well as Google Maps or Marketplaces.