The 7 ingredients to start your business on the Internet 2020 -

Do you want to invest on the Internet? Have you finalized your business project and are you going to start on the Internet? Let’s see together the different ingredients you need to start your business on the web…

The 7 ingredients offered to you in this article are inspired by my own entrepreneurial experience, do not hesitate to share your ingredients in the comment space at the end of this article.

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Do I need a website for my business?

I am asked this question regularly and I answer yes for several reasons. Your business, whatever its size, needs a website to:

  • Communicate with prospects and customers;
  • Acquire audience;
  • Have a 24/7 availability;
  • Stand out from its competitors;
  • Reflect the brand image of your company;
  • Invest for the long term.

Before you start creating your website, it is important to choose your domain name carefully. This must be close to your theme, see bear the name of your company.

A website is a long-term investment for your business. It allows your prospects and customers to find information on your products and services 24/7. It is also fully available anywhere in the world.

A website evolves as a business evolves. Another advantage of having your own website is that you master this medium, it is an important base in the communication of your business.

It is a place of exchange, a very effective customer support to maintain a business / customer relationship. With the implementation of features such as a contact form and chat support to chat directly with your customers.

A website will save you time and money. For this, it is important to properly set up the 7 ingredients of this article.


Is it important to have a visual identity?

Any business must have a visual identity in order to obtain the following benefits:

  • A visual identity makes it possible to directly transmit an image that is easy and simple to memorize;
  • Accompanied by strong communication, the visual identity will allow you to acquire a solid reputation for your business;
  • A visual identity is created from the values ​​and the state of mind of the company. This allows, to gather, build loyalty around the identity of your entity;
  • A visual identity makes it possible to position a company over time (past present Future). Your visual identity will be present on all of your media (website, social networks, business card, letterhead, etc.);
  • Your visual identity and your visual communication tools will be important levers in the visibility of your activity. For this, it is important to invest in a visual identity that will be produced with care and that will represent your business at its fair value.

visual identity

Why does my business need communication tools?

In addition to your website, your company needs a communication tool to disseminate your products, services and communicate with your visual identity more widely.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of communication tools that will accompany your website:


How should my business communicate to find customers?

I would say it’s a golden rule to communicate to find customers. If you say nothing or communicate very little, your customers will not find you.

To communicate with your customers, you can for example:

  • Write an article every week with added value;
  • Share on social networks;
  • Respond to interviews;
  • Take part in conferences, fairs…

There are lots of possibilities to communicate with your target. For this, it is important to know her well and offer her the content she expects from you so that she can buy your products or services.


Do I need a newsletter for my business?

A newsletter is an effective information tool, if it is properly implemented upstream and respects the rules of use. For that you need :

  1. Set up registration forms on your website and / or your blog;
  2. Collect emails from people who have agreed to receive your newsletter;
  3. Be regular in sending your newsletters.

In your email address base, you can add the people you have met at a trade fair or conference and who have given you their consent to receive your newsletter.

The purpose of a newsletter is to inform your audience of the latest news from your company. So you also bring regular traffic to your website.

A newsletter should reflect the brand image of your business. Your visual identity must be present on your newsletter.

Your newsletter can be a good exchange in the relationship with your subscribers. You can give them great deals, invite them to one of your events or offer them an exclusive offer.


Should my company be present on social networks?

For me, social networks are essential tools for a business. Of course, it does not have to be present on all social networks, but it is important to know them and above all to use them well.

For your business to benefit from their power, it is important to master them well or entrust them to communication professionals.

It is imperative to develop a good community which will be composed of your customers, your suppliers, ambassadors who will accompany you, who will share the news of your business.

Social networks can also be used to monitor, monitor what’s going on in your market. They can also be used as a customer service space.

For me, if you have to make a choice, I recommend that you be on Twitter, Linkedin and Google plus.

  • Twitter for sharing information and doing business;
  • Linkedin to do business and recruit staff;
  • Google plus for your SEO.

And Facebook ? For some time now, Facebook has changed enormously since they introduced paid services to increase the popularity of publications.

In addition, your communication on Facebook will be effective if you have a product or service that matches Facebook users.

And you ? Do you do business with Facebook?


What is SEO? Is it important for my business?

When asked this question, I often give the following answer:

SEO is like the fuel in a car. If you stop putting gas in, it stops driving. SEO is the same thing.

A website needs SEO, to be optimized for search engines. There are two types of SEO called natural and paid.

Natural referencing is implemented by:

Paid SEO is implemented by advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Adword.

If your target is close to your business, it is also recommended to set up your geolocalized referencing like on Google Maps, Foursquare, etc.

I don’t consider myself an SEO expert, but I at least know the basics. For further referencing, I recommend that you approach a professional.


My 3 recommendations to develop your activity on the Internet

To develop your activity on the Internet well, I would like to share with you 3 recommendations.

1time recommendation: Surround yourself! Being an entrepreneur does not mean doing it all on your own. Your company needs a circle, a network of professionals, with whom you can help and exchange.

2nd recommendation: Don’t be afraid of failure! It is by making mistakes that we learn. Dare to take measured risks and learn from your mistakes. I insist on this point, because that’s how you become a good entrepreneur.

3e recommendation: Educate yourself! There are so many things to learn, that it is important to learn about your activity, your market … You have to organize yourself so that you can continue to learn even after leaving the whites of school.

Thanks to your network of entrepreneurs, your customers and your mistakes, you will improve yourself, train yourself to become a good entrepreneur and thus conquer your sector of activity and develop your business.

The 7 ingredients to get started on the Internet

To get started on the internet and start your business, you need:

  1. An Internet site (showcase site, e-commerce, blog);
  2. A visual identity;
  3. Communication tools;
  4. Communicate with your prospects and customers;
  5. A newsletter or a prospecting base for your email sending;
  6. Be present on social networks;
  7. Set up your SEO.