The benefit of including videos on your Website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

More and more entrepreneurs choose to stand out on the internet through a website; The design has become key to capture the attention and the fundamental content so that users remain on the site and make a purchase.

Video production is one of the best practices to communicate a brand and generate greater impact on potential consumers. This material allows us to seduce the audience with the experience of buying our product or service and demonstrate its usability in a practical and reliable way.

So strong is the trend of videos on the web that even Facebook experts recommend generating this type of content in order to continue using it in the coming years, as they predicted the almost total absence of photographs on social networks.

Romina Giunta’s website is a good example. Its design is loaded with movement, where it shows the illustration of its services in a very dynamic, attractive and striking way.

The aesthetics of your website meets all the requirements to achieve online success because its main video and images have good quality, striking colors predominant, modern and fresh style, generating greater connection with users who visit your page.

What types of videos can you generate?

1- Institutional Video: Communicate the history of your brand, how it started, the most important moments, summarize your strengths and close it with an invitation to consume your product.

2- Tutorial: teach a technique or some knowledge related to your activity to position yourself in searches.

3- Questions and answers: Ask on your social networks what your followers would like to know about your brand or your product and then share the video with the answers.

4- Interviews: You can share an interview that has been done to you in some media or a summary of interviews that you have made to clients commenting on their experience with your brand through testimonials.

5- Videoclass: Unlike the tutorials, the video lessons are shorter, didactic and faster.

6- On general advice: Give tips on relevant topics related to your product.

7- Talent: Show your talent in a video, you will get many reproductions and good online positioning.

You can create these videos and upload them to your brand’s YouTube channel and share it on your website created with CWT Advertising, in this way you will generate valuable content for your target audience, obtaining more and more followers, more traffic on your website and more purchases in your online store.