Each social network has enormous potential for brands, and without a doubt it brings together millions of users who, over time and the right marketing actions, can become your customers. However, this very encouraging panorama for companies contains key decisions that you must take into account when considering a successful social media strategy. For this we prepare a report of the best actions in social networks that you can be implementing with innovation and creativity so that your brand grows without limits.

The first question you should answer before starting to devise your marketing strategy is which sector you are targeting, and what is your target audience. Once you have it delimited you can choose the most convenient social network for your business, and the type of publications and posts that have greater penetration and reception in your audience.

You have already defined your profile and you have assembled your brand image in a social network, and now what?
Online presence and reputation are two concepts that are aligned, but are not a consequence of each other. That is, you can have a presence in social networks but with a negative reputation. What every company should point out is that the visibility granted by the online presence becomes the starting point for a positive reputation and new sales opportunities.

How to achieve it?

1. Bet on images and videos

The content poured into social networks tends to disappear fleetingly, and they are only remembered or incite to a timely action as likes and share that shocking content that generates in the reader a pleasant emotion such as laughter, tenderness, motivation, etc.
According to a study by the Kissmetrics company, photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments than plain text messages, but videos are shared 12 times more than photographs .

2. Promotes interaction with fun challenges

If you were used to a passive audience that only bought or complained about a certain problem, you should forget about this concept. Today consumers want to participate and give their opinion on all the proposed themes of their favorite brands. That is why actions on social networks such as giving a gift or discount to the best joke, the best anecdote or drawing can be strong allies to your social media strategy.
Contests where you must complete a slogan are also welcome and a highly used item with great effectiveness.

If you have a product company you can start a campaign where you give a number of participants a different item with the promise that they will then send you a photo using it.
After publishing each user will be tagged and will increase visibility, likes and comments!

3. Make Live Videos

The new functionality of almost all social networks will allow you to show your audience unique moments, with the particularity of feeling present while things happen. You can transmit the backtrage of a presentation or event, a normal day at the office, or any other situation that you think deserves interest from your community.

4. Become a friend of memes

The memes have established a new social language, which allows to convey an idea, a criticism, or a joke, in a striking and easily viralizable way. They will allow you to communicate your brand values ​​and establish a direct connection with your audience through humor.

5. Join the viral challenges

The Ice Bucket Challenge, where thousands and thousands of people threw a bucket of ice water on their heads, established the fashion of global challenges. 2016 was the year of the Mannequin Challenge, where the goal was to remain still as a dummy. Currently, the trend is “The floor is lava”, where the mission is to do everything possible not to touch the ground. An ancient children’s game that they say was inspired by the tragic phrase of a witness of the eruption of Vesuvius Volcano, in 79 AD, which destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
You can take advantage of this challenge to show the facilities of your company and your staff in a fun way.

6. Invest in Advertising

Yes, of the current advertising methods, those that are done digitally have more conversions and positive responses. To do this, remember to have an appropriate landing page, an unforgettable shopping cart, and leave the generation of advertising campaigns to experts, or turn yourself into one.
Remember that to obtain greater benefits, online advertising can be complemented with measurements, campaign optimizations and remarketing.

7. Use Instagram Stories

The stories of the social network of image and photography is another excellent way to quickly capture the attention of your community.

These publications available for only 24 hours, under the premise that the speed of self-destruction promotes more ingenious or crazy content – they are very popular, and you can take advantage of it to capture new followers and connoisseurs of your brand. Now they can also be promoted as part of your strategy.

8. Search Influencers

You can strive to increase the reach, and the engagement of your publications in networks, but without a doubt, a recognized influencer can arrive in a day which has cost you weeks and weeks of work.

A recommendation, comment, retweet, or any other action of a person valued for their prestige or fame in their field, can boost the growth of your community.

If you have the possibility of having an influencer, plan well how you will enjoy it, and perhaps with work and a dose of luck you will make it a spontaneous act.

9. Take advantage of the themes of the moment

A good Community Manager should know what the agenda of the day is and get the most revenue possible. You can talk about JJOO, a world cup, designer’s day, a new book or TV premiere, and share all the content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience. Remember that an ideal social media strategy is about connecting and giving your readers useful and relevant material, and not promoting the benefits of your products all the time.