The best digital media to provide excellent customer service - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Whether you’re starting your first venture, or if you’re already working solidly in the industry for several years, you should know that the customer service area is one of the most valued by the audience, and a key factor that will determine the Loyalty of your prospects.

As a first step before assessing how customer service is in your company, you must develop an action plan that includes an exhaustive analysis of the current state so far, and then mark the new objectives and the ways you will measure growth.

The current audience is very accustomed to being permanent with their smartphones, checking Facebook, Instagram or reading mails, their own mobile feed or chatting on Whatsapp, That is why social media has become excellent communication channels when it comes to solving a problem or answering a question.

Here the first approach will be to choose in which social networks the customer service will be provided, and then communicate it to your customers. It is very possible that if you do not choose your most appropriate means you receive orders or queries in all of them, and these are not results with the required expertise.

In CWT Advertising We chose the 3 most effective communication channels so you can implement in your brand.

1. Facebook

Mark’s famous social network not only has the largest number of users globally, but has become an endless source of resources for users in search of products and services. That is why having staff dedicated to answering each question received through MSN Facebook, is an excellent way to be connected to your audience instantly and effectively.

Remember that if until recently a response from one day to another was considered a correct time, today users have become impatient and lovers of speed, and of course your competitors will be giving fresh answers that if you you lose will affect new customers or loyalty of existing ones.

2. Instagram

Gradually the ideal social network in photographs has been gaining more and more followers, and has an incredible potential for customer engagement, so implementing a customer service management service on Instagram is a very good idea for fashion product brands , decoration, home, sports and for those places such as restaurants, bars, travel agencies and other mass consumption services.

3. Chat on your website

We juggle to improve our local SEO and SEO, we create attractive landing pages with contact form, but sometimes neglected the power of our own website, and the possibilities of concretizing business that it owns. That is why placing a chat service is a very important tool that will return to an excellent customer service.
Online Assistance chat is a highly effective tool to build trust, close more sales and turn your customers into fans of your brand, providing immediate and real-time responses to their queries.
It also has the functionality of online and offline service which allows you even when your operators are not online, the tool will allow you to receive visitors’ queries and then process and respond to them.

Here we tell you how you can install an online caht on your website thanks to the CUSTOM SCRIPT function of CWT Advertising.