The best tips to connect with your audience at Christmas - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

It seems incredible that we are already in the middle of December, preparing the balance sheets for the end of the year, giving the latest thrusts to the professional projects and thinking about the list of gifts and meetings that we are going to enjoy at these parties.The year has flown by – says the famous phrase – and since the trite does not take away the truth, we will surely find an endless amount of tasks to do, with slopes that we have postponed and with the feeling of stress that is just the opposite of what that should cause the Christmas and New Year holidays.

But since everything that seems difficult has a plausible solution and an auspicious future, it is time to quiet the mind, pause the engine that leaves no respite and connect with the true emotions that this 2016 leaves us. Focusing on gratifying experiences, achievements and yearnings to fulfill free us from the cortisol produced by anxiety, and are the essential condiment for our mind to be productive and full.

Once the ideal mood and mental state is achieved, it is when they can begin to devise connection strategies with our audience to take advantage of the parties, with the aim of loyalty customers, increase sales and achieve a positive and encouraging brand reputation.

Remember that everything that one is and feels transmits it, and when the thoughts and emotions of the professionals are not aligned with the fulfillment of desires and abundance it is hardly possible to reach the public in a good way.

Then in CWT Advertising we offer you the best tips to connect with your audience at parties

Giving what I have gives me everything

Many times people find themselves immersed in their own problems and frustrations and forget to look at those who have less. That is why this type of holiday is an excellent way to encourage generosity and connect with giving others to make them happier.
Brands can make strategies and alliances to collaborate with a charitable cause to help those who need it most, and in this way there will be an ideal synergy between consumer and brand, in addition to building a bridge to generate positive actions in society.

The stories reach the heart

We don’t talk about Santas stories coming down the chimneys or a big family toasting at midnight. Telling stories is telling first person personal experiences, stories, anecdotes and desires in a human and possible way. It is not necessary to exaggerate and edit great videos to reach the heart of consumers, but to be able to transmit an event in such a way that it is portrayed in the target audience and allows identification.
As a plus, and with the great value of social networks you can initiate actions where each user shares an experience. If you grant a discount or gift to the story that meets your initial requirement even better!

Encourage the dreams of your audience

It is known that one of the main mistakes that brands make when they do digital marketing is to focus on themselves and forget their audience. That is why Christmas and the New Year’s Eve party is an ideal time to think about the expectations and dreams of your own consumers and potential customers to carry out a campaign helping them achieve their goals.

A practical case of this is DonWeb where in addition to providing tools that solve complex needs very easily for the user, such asCWT Advertising For the development of websites and online store, it complements its actions with free webinars and workshops, where attendees learn to obtain the maximum potential of these solutions, in addition to incorporating knowledge of other aspects of digital marketing that contribute to their professional training and realization of your work desires.