the French are unleashed in Facebook comments! 2020 Guide -

The Covid-19 epidemic and “everyone at home” have sparked a flood of Facebook comments in recent days. In a week of confinement, the exchanges of French people on this social network almost doubled and focused on the pandemic. This is what Netino by Webhelp, a content moderation company that has analyzed 300,000 Facebook comments on more than 180 pages of major French media, reveals to us. The study was conducted over the period between Wednesday March 11 and Thursday March 19, 2020 …


Twice as many comments… on a single subject

This is a great first according to Jean-Marc Royer, the CEO of Netino who, in 18 years of analysis of social networks, has never recorded 94% of messages relating to a single theme: the coronavirus. Even the 2015 attacks could only gather 60 to 70% of French comments focused on a single subject.

Trainer training

This situation illustrates the daily upset of the French, in confinement and who are facing a pandemic which has already killed 860 patients in England to date (674 with 186 new deaths in 24 hours). Confined to almost a billion people worldwide, French internet users posted 90% more Facebook comments than usual during the Netino investigation period.

Confinement on Facebook: humor, solidarity, realism and “conspiracy”

Confinement represents 50% of the comments published, bringing together the 30% favorable and the 20% who are not satisfied with the measures taken by the executive. 10% of the messages relate to humor, just to forget the 13% devoted to barrier gestures and 7% to anxiety about the future spread of the Covid-19.

Despite the 4% of conspiratorial comments and doomed to fake news, realism has gradually won over Internet users: no more messages have overlooked the scale of the coronavirus pandemic. The 5% of messages of support for caregivers are starting to progress thanks to the different awareness and testimonies of these “heroes”.