Video – [INTERVIEW VIDEO] “Everything about the Future of Live video streaming and other predictions” with Joel Comm – May 8, 2017

This interview should not be missed under any circumstances. When you type “Joel Comm” on Google, the first result is its Wikipedia page. Impressive! But normal, because Joel Comm has been a legend of Anglo-Saxon marketing for more than 20 years…

Joel Comm in a few points

  • He was recently named by “Brand24” 5th most influential person in the world in marketing (after Gary V and Tim Ferris);
  • He has written 12 marketing books, many of which are “New York Times Bestsellers”;
  • He will enter the Guerrilla Marketing Global Hall of Fame on May 22;
  • He has worked for IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, Cisco, etc. ;
  • He is one of the “top” experts in Live Streaming Video.

To know everything about him, go to his website. There is also a great infographic that describes his journey in a funny way.

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In this interview, we will talk about:

Replay of the interview

For those who like to see replay with the possibility of putting a higher speed, watch the replay on YouTube:


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