The future of natural referencing in 4 points 2020 -

With 3.3 billion requests made each day (100 billion per month) on Google, optimizing the SEO of your website is no longer in dispute. Even if sponsored links have an important place, 85% of links on a search results page are natural …

SEO keeps changing. The imminent arrival of the Google Penguin update will most certainly have a major new impact on SEO. If the subject of SEO interests you, take a look at this definition. Indeed, Penguin 4.0 should have the distinction of analyzing links in real time, which will affect positions on Google.

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RankBrain, one of Google’s latest algorithms, will also change web search. This algorithm is based on machine learning (machine learning) and is used to provide more relevant search results.

Local SEO, mobile optimization, social networks and content marketing are practices that will be part of natural SEO in 2016.

1. Local referencing

During the last version of Google Penguin launched in October 2014, local SEO was strongly affected. Local results thus have a privileged place in search results since this update, because they appear above the first natural results. The importance of results at the local level is not about to change. Indeed, since 2015, we can find 3 local businesses on the first page instead of 7 previously.

To give you an example, the screenshot below indicates the web agencies near my workplace in Montreal.


It is therefore essential to optimize the local SEO of your website in order to improve its visibility on Google and with local customers. It would not be surprising if local referencing was even more precise in 2016.

Creating a Google My Business listing, obtaining quotes and opinions, and optimizing the content of its website locally will allow each company to improve its local SEO and have a chance of appearing in the first pages of Google. .

2. Mobile optimization

Browsing on mobile phones is becoming more and more preferred, as searches on Google via mobile are more numerous than on computers now. Establishing a mobile web marketing strategy will improve the user experience and have a positive impact on the SEO of a site.

The algorithm commonly known as Mobilegeddon thus favors websites optimized for mobiles. And as you can imagine, it is always better to have a little help from Google robots, otherwise the ranking of your website will be affected.

Glenn Gabe has compiled a list of examples of sites that have had their positioning affected following the launch of this algorithm. Clearly, non-optimized websites have lower positioning on mobile. With the number of smartphone users increasing, mobile optimization has an essential role for natural referencing.

3. Social networks

To date, social networks have not had a direct impact on natural referencing. Nevertheless, the search engines keep improving year after year and it would not be surprising if social networks ended up having an essential influence in SEO.

One of the first obvious practices to adopt is to share content via social media. Sharing its content thus improves its visibility on the web while encouraging Internet users to read and share your article again. This practice can thus lead Internet users to insert your link on their blog.

Link acquisition is an aging SEO strategy that allows sites to get better rankings on Google.

Staying alert on social media also allows you to see what are the most popular keywords and trends at the moment. This practice is important for providing quality content that will interest the community you want to reach.

The popularity of social networks continues to grow. In 2015, Google partnered with Twitter to index tweets about search results. Google may not index all tweets, but the strength of social media is clearly there.

In addition, Facebook has launched a search function and its content should be referenced by Google at the same time. Natural referencing thus implies being intelligently present on social networks.

4. Content Marketing

With RankBrain, Google’s goal is to understand each piece of content posted and assess its relevance to the search engine. SEO optimization cannot be based only on the number of keywords included in an article. This is why content marketing should always be flawless.

The content published on a website must be well written and relevant in order to encourage Internet users to read your content while wishing to share it on social networks. Then, it is not recommended to send too much content (with a link leading to your site) on generic press release sites for example. Google Penguin can indeed penalize your site for any link deemed bad.

However, writing guest articles is still possible and is even advised in a link acquisition strategy. However, this should be done on sites linked to your own preferred area of ​​activity.

Natural referencing does not stop there

SEO experts know this: SEO is not really natural. SEO requires concrete practices that can take time to bear fruit.

Of course, natural referencing does not stop at these 4 practices. In 2016, SEO will be affected again by a new version of Google Penguin, and the personalization of search results by Google may increasingly influence the rankings.

The authority of your field, new keyword trends and PPC campaigns are just some more examples of practices that can help your SEO.