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In an increasingly competitive marketing environment, advertisers must redouble their efforts and innovation in their customer acquisition and loyalty strategy. E-commerce sites, pure-players and retailers are constantly looking for new ways to create and federate a community committed around their brand and their products …

In the next 5 years, the e-commerce market will grow faster than that of offline sales according to Katar. E-commerce will exceed the $ 1 trillion mark in 2021 and represent 18.9% of global retail by 2025. Online sales will grow 4 times faster than offline sales. Faced with such strong dynamics and competition from the sector, e-commerce players must adapt to engage and re-engage their customers. The challenge of an effective customer relationship (Customer Relationship Management) must be placed at the heart of their digital strategy.

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It is in a mature advertising context, that Web Push Notification makes its entry and stands out from the traditional means of communication by its performance and its wide spectrum of use both to work on activation, engagement but also customer loyalty.

Web Push Notification, késako?

It is a small window sent directly by the browser to the operating system of the user’s terminal (Mobile or Computer).

The content of a Web Push Notification takes the form of a clickable message comprising a text, an image and a logo. Most often used as a communication tool to encourage users to return to the site, this format – still relatively unknown – has many advantages that can make it a real lever to integrate into the 2020 digital strategy for e-merchants.

How to integrate Web Push Notification at the heart of your e-commerce strategy?

Web Push Notification makes it possible to address both prospects and customers in real time, thus helping to improve the overall conversion rate and traffic

his site. It allows advertisers to act directly at each stage of the on-site customer journey. Thus becoming a real lever to act on the marketing conversion tunnel: from registration, information, customer conversion to loyalty – recommendation.

1. Build a community of subscribers

Like email, Web Push Notifications can allow you to build a qualified audience, attentive to your offers and products. One of the main challenges of an e-commerce site is obviously to bring the user to his site, but an equally important issue is to qualify and keep a communication link with him. Subscribing to the newsletter is one way. However, the subscription rate is quite low and this does not ensure that the user receives your emails, opens them and that it remains an important expense in your marketing budget.

With Web Push Notification, the user accepts in one click to be contacted via this communication channel. This simplicity of connection makes it possible to obtain acceptance rates up to 15 times higher than a newsletter subscription! The conversion rate of registration on a site via an email address is between 1% and 5%, while with a Web Push Notification, the conversion is 15%. Internet users are more inclined to subscribe, because unlike a traditional registration, they do not need to enter their personal data or an email address. Your brand therefore benefits from an efficient and rapid qualified lead generation tool to build a community of Internet users interested in your products.

2. Encourage customer engagement

The majority of website visitors do not convert on the first visit. Brands then set up, in most cases, a scripted communication strategy which is also called a lead nurturing strategy to inform, reassure and create a relationship of trust with their visitors. But to be able to carry out this digital strategy, it is still necessary to have a means of contacting the Internet user and ensuring the deliverability of the messages sent. According to a report, the average opening rate of an emailing is around 21% and the click rate of 2%, a Web Push Notification sent in real time therefore causes a much higher engagement rate.

Web Push Notification eliminates issues of deliverability, spamming, spam. The advertiser can launch web notification campaigns at his subscriber base to communicate around news, highlights of his brand and this without waiting for the user to browse his site or connect to his emails or networks. social. The user receives the notification in real time directly on their computer or mobile.

This is all the more practical since you can easily set up remarketing scenarios thanks to web push notification by communicating personalized and engaging offers with regard to the visit path of your internet users and their degree of involvement in his purchasing journey. In the case of a campaign by area of ​​interest, the Web Push Notification is triggered according to the page of the site that a user visits. It is thus possible to push information in line with his profile and interests. The capture of the user is done in real time, unlike an e-mailing which may be sent at a time when the user is not connected.

3. Communicate at the right time to promote conversion

The conversion in most cases on e-commerce sites represents the purchase of a product and is of course the main goal of any digital strategy, especially for retail sites. The most common marketing technique is to offer promotions, reductions or even offer shipping costs through promotional codes for example.

One of the most common problems on e-commerce sites is cart abandonment (between 69% and 81% across all industries). It is possible to restart the user via email in these cases, with a link bringing them directly to the page of the basket to be validated. The Web Push Notification used in a cart abandonment recovery strategy allows you to generate a direct and customizable trigger according to the item in the cart; and this without going through an intermediary tool (the mailbox for example) promoting significantly higher performance. Its range is 5 times higher than that of an email.

Of course other types of marketing scenarios can be envisaged, such as communicating to its subscriber community the launch of its next capsule collection and the opening in real time of an expected sale, the restocking of the product sold out in the size of the user, etc. Your imagination is your only limit!

4. Encourage feedback and retention

The Web Push Notification remains an ephemeral communication (because it is not stored as soon as the internet user has clicked on it) also helps to encourage feedback during a purchase on your site and therefore to promote the increase of your opinions and ratings produced in a context of quality commitment and why not consider scenarios for recommending items purchased from those around you. Bringing your community to life and taking care to listen to it to evolve its offer allows you to enhance it and make your consumers true ambassadors of your brand!

Why use Web Push Notifications for your e-commerce site?

Easy to install – the installation is very fast and takes only a few minutes by integrating a script on its commercial site.

Real-time information – the user receives a Web Push Notification when they are connected and in their browser. The marketing reach is much greater than with a classic e-mailing campaign or via an SMS campaign.

Personalization – Web Push Notification is fully customizable (title, text, image, CTA) depending on the user, but also on the campaign.

Increase in registration rate – registration takes just one click and does not ask for any personal data, compared to emailing or SMS alerts, Web Push Notification has a much higher registration rate.

Features and campaigns – as with the more traditional communication channels, it is possible to create scripted campaigns of reminders, welcome, alerts, etc.

The implementation of a digital Web Push Notification strategy for customer acquisition and loyalty has many advantages for retail sites. It is an innovative communication format that allows you to conquer, transform and retain your customers via direct, customizable and anti-fraud communication. The Web Push Notification respects the standards of the GDPR, an essential in the current context and the regulatory evolutions which will arrive in the years to come. Web Push Notification is now an essential communication channel for all e-commerce sites.

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Léonore Content Writer for Adrenalead. Adrenalead is a Lyon-based MarTech start-up that launched the 1st marketing platform for smart targeting and customer engagement using Web Push Notifications.