The key steps to sell your training online -

You need a plan, a guide, steps to avoid making mistakes and above all to do things in the right order in order to sell your training online! I was like you. I too had this dream, to have an online business, to work from where I want (I am writing these lines from Lisbon), when I want! Live freedom fully and choose my constraints! So, little by little, I put into action the steps that you are about to discover in this article to sell my first online training. It was a real success! 7 months after my launch as a freelancer, I launched my first online training course, not without apprehension. What a kick when you hear PayPal and Stripe notifications, but especially when you read the first feedback from your customers! It really is priceless. Why did I go so fast?

Because I followed the key steps to sell training online, and in the right order! This is why it was a real success.

Step 1 to sell your training online: content creation

There are several things you can do with content creation:

  • To be visible ;
  • Be credible;
  • Take advantage of human psychology through reciprocity.

Creating content whatever the format: blog, YouTube channel, podcast will allow you to be visible to your future customers.

But it also allows you to be credible and to highlight your expertise. As we say in copywriting: show don’t tell. Do not show, but prove! By creating your content, you undeniably put yourself in an expert position by proving your knowledge and skills!

Finally, the other reason and not the least, to take advantage of a cognitive bias, that of reciprocity!

You know when you’re invited to a friend’s house, for a great raclette, and at the end of the evening, you throw “next time, it’s at my place”! This is called reciprocity. You feel indebted, like you have a debt.

Besides, sometimes, during the Christmas dinner, you have planned a present for your aunt Gertrude, only because you know that, like every year, she is going to give you a present … And you would look a little silly with it. empty-handed.

Now, with creation, it’s the same. You offer quality content to your prospects, for free, without expecting anything in return, and the day you take your training online, they feel indebted.

Please note, content creation is only the first step in selling online training.

Step 2: create your community

Step number 2 is to create a community thanks to the powerful tool which is the newsletter.

Emailing not only allows you to create a community, but in addition? To sell more! It’s the best sales marketing tool to date with an average conversion rate of 4.2%… And the conversion rate can climb much higher than that.

Then, the newsletter is a communication channel that belongs to you. You no longer need to spend hours understanding the algorithm of a social network, you are free. Your relationship is also much more intimate, you can reveal more about yourself.

Step 3: create a training course that meets a (real) need

An all too common mistake! Take out a course that you want to create, but that your market doesn’t need. The marketing aspect is very important in this step to sell your training.

To do this, you have to get in touch with your customers, listen to them and ask the right questions to understand their ailments and capture their words.

Then, you will feel that you are always asked the same questions, that it is always the same problems that come back, the same frustrations, the same pains.

Step 4: Setting up your copywriting

A step far too often forgotten when you sell your first training online. Lack of persuasion on a sales page and on a sales streak.

Copywriting, however, is the super power to have! The art of selling with words!

Step 5: You just have to start your online training

Perhaps the most important step, from my point of view, is the launch phase. Several watchwords for a successful launch: communication, organization, mindset.

A launch can be prepared months in advance or not.

You have to think of all the means to communicate on it, how to market your offer to make it irresistible, be well organized so as not to forget anything and remain calm in the face of any challenge.

Can I explain to you how I proceeded on my side?

How did I sell my first online training?

I followed all of these steps to the letter, I created a lot of content, as I am doing now.

I have set up a community thanks to my newsletter.

I understood one of the biggest problems for my audience, which is setting up a newsletter, but also expanding their email list and converting their subscribers into customers.

I called on beta testers to test the training and thus have feedback and testimonials that I could put forward!

I wrote my sales page and my emailing sequence with all the persuasive ingredients.

And finally, I launched with a one-week promotional offer!

And you know what ?

I liked it so much that I put it back a week later! Always following these steps, the pain that I identified was that of writing a sales page without slamming 2000 pounds with a professional copywriter. While with the structure of a sales page that converts, we are already doing wonders, but above all a lot more sales!

All of these steps take time, patience and perseverance! But, it is possible if you give yourself the means. So, are you ready to sell your first online training?