At a time when the consumer is “hyper-solicited”, the average attention time of a web surfer is reduced to 8 seconds! In this race against time, why not use snacking content, a real magic potion to make a difference and attract the attention of your audience?

1. What is snacking content?

Content snacking is a very short and easily consumable content. If you want to take a metaphor, it’s a bit like eating content as a snack. The objective is to write micro-messages, between 250 and 300 words, that grab the attention of your audience. Your messages should be impactful and get to the point. Who of you has never found yourself on your Facebook thread scrolling your screen until you find “L”Information that interests you?

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Welcome to the era of micro content where the consumer is ultra-busy with a mass of considerable information. Micro-content will help you make a difference and stay in the minds of your audience. Twitter is a very good example of this with these famous 140 characters. It is by writing a short and well done message that you will invite your audience to visit your site and discover your content. Did you know that 49% of messages read on the internet are 111 words on average, or even less?

But then, what will be the effects of content snacking on your content strategy?

2. The effects of content snacking on your content strategy

Boost your content:

Content snacking will allow you to give a tempo to your content. You will be able to play the alternation card using infographics, photos, videos, news or even simple sentences. Finally you go create a special relationship with your audience by entertaining them. The Butlers Chocolate brand does it very skillfully:

By choosing the territory of humor, the brand uses snacking content to promote its products. This attitude is all the more interesting as the brand succeeds in getting its fans to project themselves into the consumption of its products. Finally the benefit is double, Butlers Chocalate inscribes its products in the daily life of its audience while creating a collusive relationship with it.

As you can see, by leaving your audience out of monotony, you will succeed in capturing their attention and staying present in their mind. So why not try ?

Generate engagement

Consumers today want create a close relationship with brands without being continuously interrupted by commercial messages. They really want to be on an equal footing by having a dialogue and giving their opinion. But then, what could be better than using snacking content that generates engagement thanks to micro-content disseminated on social networks?

I liked the happy snacking from Merci Alfred !!


On the day of the solar eclipse of March 20, a particularly rare event, Merci Alfred was able to create a very strong commitment with an impacting phrase and a visual that doesn’t even require the purchase of art!

You will understand, snacking content is also a marketing based on spontaneity which will allow you to gain visibility and viralize your content.

Seize the opportunity of the mobile

Today more than ever, brands are facing the massive arrival of mobile. French mobile users spend an average of 58 minutes a day surfing the internet via their smartphones. Content snacking fully meets this need since in a single sentence, a single image, it will succeed in capturing the attention of your Internet users on the move.

My little culinary tips:

A good starter will whet your appetite for the main course. So even if snacking content is a very good solution to arouse interest, don’t forget to alternate this means of communication with more developed content. It is important to eat well, you can’t eat peanuts all the time!

You can also have a tapas dinner! Effectively, segmenting content into different complementary content can be interesting. Doing content snacking, you will be able to reuse your content by distributing it in small quantities. For example, imagine that you have written a white paper. You want to increase its download rate, why not distribute a few sentences from your book to promote it?

Content snacking is an optimal solution to occupy your timelines and stay in the minds of your consumers! But don’t forget to produce content with high added value that will enhance your expertise with your audience.

And you, are you a snacker? Do you snack content? Share your recipes with us!