The opinions of third parties are the beacon that guides the consumer in e-commerce - IDEA TU BLOG SITE 2020 -
ecommerceWhen buying online the Other buyers The e-shoppers care (and much). This is concluded by at least one recent study carried out by the Digitas LBi agency in 15 different countries.78% of online buyers actively seeks the opinion of other consumers when launching by clicking on the “buy” button of an online store.

When it comes to supporting their online purchase decisions, 35% of consumers consult their friends and family. However, not all e-shoppers alike rely on his inner circle when making purchasing decisions. 44% of Germans use their friends and family as a compass in their online purchases. However, this percentage drops to 22% in the case of Italians.

Moreover, online shoppers increasingly demand faster stores in their deliveries. Proof of this is that 18% of e-shoppers demand e-commerce players the possibility of making online orders delivered within just 24 hours. More consumers are pressing to online stores when accelerate their delivery are the Dutch (38%) and least Danes (7%), which appear to be much more patient.

In the report also highlights a LBi Digital least curious fact: the Italians are the e-shoppers more likely to make their online shopping from the kitchen. 24% of consumers purchase food transalpine heat of the stove and 23% also opted for this location to purchase products from home.