THE question to guarantee your success 2020 -

As a service provider or supplier, giving the best of yourself and your business is proof of your 100% investment in the relationship you have with your customer. This investment is often proportional to the satisfaction of your client. Often, yes, but not always. How to guarantee that your work and your investment will meet your client’s expectations?

Here’s the simple question

How can you plan in advance the quality of service to be delivered to fully satisfy your customer? The solution is very simple. Ask your client what outcome would bring him the greatest level of satisfaction.

“Imagine taking stock in X months, what result should have been achieved for you to be fully satisfied with our service?

By asking this question, you will know, even before the start of your work, the precise expectations of your client with regard to the service you will perform. So you know exactly what you need to do to satisfy your customer.

This is an adaptation of the question from Dan Sullivan’s book “The Dan Sullivan Question”. Dan Sullivan is a recognized strategy coach in the United States and successful author, who has guided entrepreneurs for 35 years in the success of their project.

Adapt the question to your situation

Of course, this question can be adapted according to your trade, your sector of activity or that of your client, or the project concerned. Here are some examples of adaptation.

For a web agency

“Once your site is finished, what should be the reaction of visitors so that you are completely satisfied with artistic creation? ”

For a recruitment agency

“One year after recruiting your new sales manager, what objectives will he have to achieve, both in terms of results and his integration into the company, so that you are completely satisfied with our recruitment service? ”

For an office furniture supplier

“Three months after the installation of your new furniture by us, what aspects of our service or our products will allow you to be fully satisfied? ”

What answers can be expected from these questions?

When you ask your client this question, expect a little surprise from them. Few providers ask this question.

On the other hand, the fact that a service provider takes an interest in client satisfaction so early, even before work has started, is seen as proof of great professionalism. In general, the question of satisfaction comes well after the end of the service and it is then a little late to catch up on the errors that may have been made.

With this question, you know exactly what to do to make your customer happy. The ball is then fully in your court.

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