The Recipe for a Perfect Blog Article 2020 -

“The perfect blog post”. Is this a myth? A legend ? A chimera? Or does it really exist? I know what you think: it would be so good if you knew exactly how to create a perfect blog post. The kind of article that makes everyone love it, that attracts monster traffic, that is shared hundreds of times and that receives dozens of comments …

The problem is, you have no idea how to write this kind of article. And when you publish an article, it doesn’t look exactly like the description above …

In fact, the ideal situation would be to have a recipe. A small piece of paper which guides you step by step to write this kind of article would greatly facilitate your task …

Eh … but wait … this is exactly what I offer you today!

Skip that it is not a vulgar piece of paper, but a beautiful infographic which gives you a recipe for writing the perfect blog article.

Take the right ingredients, follow the directions, and put in the oven.

If you do it right (and with love), in a few days you will come out with a blog article, perfect, hot, and fragrant.

With an article like this, you can be sure that everyone will come to taste it. Everyone will use it, and everyone will share with their neighbor.

Are you tempted?

So, let’s start the cooking workshop without further ado!

Infographic Summary “The Recipe for a Perfect Blog Article”

Here is a summary of this infographic that teaches you how to write a perfect blog post.

Spend time on your title

Your title is an essential part of your article, so it is important that you work it well. If you don’t spend enough time on it, your item will be soft and fall out of the oven.

With that in mind, make sure you have the right dose of curiosity, profit and information in your headline. Remember that the “How + Result” or “Lists” articles with numbers in them work very well.

And if you want to know more about the titles, you can click on the link just below. It will take you to an article I wrote for another blog some time ago, where I give you proven, ready-to-use formulas to write “KILLER” headlines.

These formulas do the job, I promise.

Click here to go to the article that will give you 21 powerful title formulas.

Work on your introduction

Then comes the introduction. As this is what supports your title, it should be nice and firm at the same time. Take your time to set it up, and keep it short and interesting.

Caution: do not make it too fine. Otherwise, it will not be able to support your title. You should also ensure that it is not TOO long, where you will lose your readers.

And that’s not good … because what you want is to make your readers want to devour the rest of your article with your introduction.

Structure your subtitles

Bloggers tend to underestimate subtitles too much. However, these elements are crucial in your articles, because they are THEY who will guide your reader through all the text written.

So don’t neglect them, and make sure they are well spaced and interesting (the best thing is that they make you curious).

There is no set rule … but if you can place a subtitle every 300-350 words … that’s fine.

Your article will taste better.

Mix it all up

OK: it’s time to prepare the body of your article. To do this, you’ll need to put your creativity, your research, and all of your structure in a big bowl – and mix it all up. If necessary, add more research to get the right consistency.

Don’t forget to make your article PRETTY. There is so much content available on the web today … if your article doesn’t catch the eye, you pretty much kill your chances of it being read by a lot of readers.

Conversely, increase your chances of attracting traffic and keeping people on your article by using subtitles, images, bulleted and numbered lists, quotes … don’t hesitate to sprinkle your also bold and italic article AND, for God’s sake … have fun.

Do not write the kind of “Wikipedia” article in a monotonous tone that you see everywhere. Be professional … be credible … but put your personal touch.

That’s what will make the difference.

This is what will make your item delicious.

Arrange your conclusion

Most bloggers neglect the conclusion of their article … big mistake. Big, big mistake. Here’s why: if you write a conclusion, you can get satisfying results with your article. These results depend on your objective…

Want to share on your article? Write an inspiring conclusion. Act like a coach would do in a team’s locker room. Motivate your readers and show them how.

Want comments on your article? Nothing could be simpler: ask your readers a question in your conclusion regarding the subject of your article. With this article, for example, I could ask, “And you, do you know of other ingredients to make your articles better?” ”

Do you want your readers to download your bonus (or white paper) to enlarge your mailing-list? Never mind ! Link your bonus with the rest of your article, and put your call to action. Imagine: you are in the theme of weight loss. You’ve just written an article titled “7 Benefits of Being Thin”… and you want your readers to download your bonus titled “The 3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Method”… just say in your conclusion that you have a free guide that allows you to lose weight with a proven method, and that they will reach these benefits faster than they think.

In short, you now understand the power of your conclusion. It’s up to you to make good use of it.

Finish your article

Have you integrated all the ingredients and finished the cooking? Well. Excellent. Let the dough rest for 4 to 6 hours, then return to your dish one last time. Remove anything that is too heavy to digest, and cut your sentences too long.

Basically, do a work of clearing: your article must be clear, and simple to eat (understand simple to read). Once it’s done, restructure the parts of your article that need it. A perfect article is easy to read, and your reader should read your article from title to conclusion without realizing it … much like going down a slide.

Finally, add a few images if you haven’t done so already, to make your article more enjoyable.

Ah, magic advice: read your article out loud. You will thus notice all the small shells, and sentences which are not in their place. To spice it up, to make your mouth water even more, I have reserved a few surprises for you for articles read, shared and commented on …Save