The School of Social Networks: a safer Internet for children -

Online games, videos, comments in videos … from an early age, children are confronted with many online social interactions without being prepared. To no longer be overwhelmed and thrive on the Internet, teachers can reframe them by making them aware of the uses and challenges of digital technology. Hence the initiative of the School of Social Networks …

Evolve safely in the digital world from an early age

The School of Social Networks offers simple and fun educational resources accessible to all. Their goal: to lead discussions with children around societal issues to evolve safely in the digital world.

In class, primary school children have at their disposal an educational game and activities allowing them to debate using one of the 59 question cards and thus:

  • Thrive on the Internet;
  • Make good use of it;
  • Protect yourself against the risks that exist.

Simple and fun educational resources

While some primary school teachers think that this is not their role or that they do not have the necessary skills, L’École des Réseaux Social offers simple and fun educational resources:

  • She runs communities for sharing teachers’ practices on Instagram and Facebook;
  • She offers tutorials on her YouTube channel;
  • It carries out training courses for facilitators and associations working in schools.

Started in The United Kingdom, this innovative service is also being rolled out in Europe, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom and England before expanding across the world.