The six tools to improve your customer service. 2020 -

Customer relations are a challenge for entrepreneurs: the lack of resources (especially human resources and time) makes customer service difficult to manage. Depending on the activity and the type of products offered, the proposed offer may not be clear, thus pushing the potential customer to contact the company for help. When the latter is able to answer questions from its customers, it will be on the right track to convert the prospect into a real customer …

A very competitive online environment

Today, online competition is growing. There are most likely already companies on the web that offer the same product or service as you and that are already well placed on the Internet. It is therefore essential to know how to differentiate yourself and offer added value such as quality customer service.

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Customer service is essential for any business offering its online services, since it remains the best way to meet customer needs. In addition, if this service is quality, it can establish a relationship of trust between the people who call you and you, which is essential for any new business.


We can distinguish two types of customer services to which we have access thanks to the Internet: l’Written reception and telephone reception.

1. The written reception

The written reception is made up of different tools such as the contact form, the corporate email and the live chat.

The contact form

It is essential for any business that offers customer service on its website. The visitor will fill out the form which will be sent automatically to their mailbox as well as to the corporate email.

The advantage of the form is that it is filled out directly on the website without the potential client needing to open their email to contact you. Similarly, you can keep his contact details to contact him later if necessary.

Relative to limits, if your web page or the form itself is temporarily inaccessible, you cannot be contacted by this means. You can also receive emails, but in spam and suddenly, have to be very attentive to be able to respond in time. Finally, the waiting time between filling out the form and responding to the person concerned, if it is not quick, can encourage your potential customer to go to a competitor’s page and ultimately subscribe to the service at their home.

Corporate mail

It can be placed somewhere on the web page. The advantage of corporate mail is that the interested person can contact you even if your web page does not work or if you have technical problems with the form. In addition, most of the time, these emails arrive in the inbox, so the prospect will have no problem finding them.

On the other hand, the person who wishes to contact you must take the first step by sending you an email and wait for you to respond.

Live Chat

Adding a live chat to your website is a very common practice today. He has like advantage a shorter waiting time than the first two options. On the other hand, the user can continue to browse your website while talking to someone, one of your call center operators for example, or yourself.

On the other hand, it is a tool that must be very careful if you want to offer a quality welcome, which means that it will always take someone behind the computer to answer the questions posed by chat as quickly as possible.

2. Telephone reception

Telephone reception is the solution to the many limits of written reception. In particular, it offers three tools:

Contact phone

You can have a phone appear on your web page so that visitors can contact you.

The advantage of this tool is that it removes the waiting time from emails and contact forms, and, on the other hand, visitors make direct contact with you. Convincing them that your solution is the best will be easier. In addition, a switchboard can successfully convey a big business image and increase the efficiency of contacts.

The limits ? You force the customer to make a call. Normally, the fewer actions the potential client can take, the more likely you are to be contacted. Finally, the cost of the call is a cost that many users are unwilling to pay.

Special numbers

You can also use lines in 08, but these lines with specific numbers each have a different purpose that you should be aware of. Some of these lines have theadvantage to be completely free for your customers (0800) and give you a national business image.

The problem is that they have a high cost per minute for the company purchasing the service, which can create very unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. There are others (0820) that do not cost society, but rather the caller, and are generally used to limit calls from your customers (for example, service calls technical). When the cost of the call is paid by the customer and the customer is high enough, these numbers reduce the number of incoming calls.

The click to call

It’s a fairly new tool that is used more and more on web pages. With this tool, the company installs a “click to call” button on the website. Once clicked by the user, it automatically generates a call that puts the caller (potential customer) and the receiver (company) in contact.

Advantages ? The call is much cheaper than the 080 lines and it gives a very good image of the company, thus increasing the number of contacts. The button is also completely customizable and can be placed anywhere on the web page. In addition, and indirectly, this tool increases web activity as well as SEO positioning.

Limits ? Although it is a cheap service, it has a cost. Also note that, because it is a fairly new tool, it is not yet widely known in the online community.


As you can see, there are several tools that facilitate contact between your potential client and you. By using them, you will be able to convince him of the suitability of your product or service for his needs, improve your customer service and thus increase your sales and profits.