The steps to follow in order not to miss your Inbound Marketing strategy 2020 -

Inbound Marketing, what is it? This is the set of means used to attract prospects to us. This practice, elevated to the rank of religion in recent years, is today making its first disappointments. This could be called the ransom of fame, and it is perfectly legitimate given the investment required and the breadth of the subjects covered. So how can you avoid missing your inbound strategy? The answers in this infographic…

1 / Organize well internally

Before you start, make sure you are ready for a marathon and not a sprint. Inbound marketing takes at least 6 months to produce its first results. This is the set of means put in place (content, web referencing, social networks, emailing, etc.) which will allow us to generate qualified prospects with the impression of “having nothing more to do”. This involves the management of the company, the internal and external skills review, but also the budget.

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2 / Target well with personas

If there is a preparation step not to be skipped, this is it! It consists in putting oneself in the place of our target. Concretely, we all think we can do it easily, and we immediately move on to writing content. The risk ? Have content based on us and not our prospects. For example, we are going to write an article on “how marketing automation will change your life” while our target searches in Google “how to generate qualified leads”.

3 / Plan content writing well

Our personas are done, we start writing content for 2 to 3 months, then … It’s the white copy. It is therefore time to return to these personas, a sort of anti-white copy remedy, and to cut out the important moments in the professional life of our prospects. Starting on social media, improving your conversion rate are all categories of articles. And for each one, we can write dozens of articles: “how to” articles explaining how to do, comparisons, lists … Very quickly, you can complete your editorial planning. Remember to always have a dozen items “in stock”.

4 / Properly distribute your articles and communicate

We are so proud of our own content that it is often believed that it will be self-sufficient, namely that prospects will find it for themselves thanks to the magic of SEO. However, if we reverse the trend and assume that nobody sees them, we can deploy the right means. It starts by capitalizing on your contact base by sending it by email, integrating it into your marketing automation scenarios (if possible, without having to redo everything), and by disseminating it on social networks.

As we have understood, inbound marketing is essentially based on the ability to articulate a multitude of levers around our content, with a view to lead generation. The multitude of repetitive actions and qualitative processes that this requires obliges us to know how to equip ourselves and surround ourselves. The main thing is therefore to start “small”. If you’re not sure, high-value white paper-like content and a blog article every two weeks are already a good foundation.

Infographic on the steps to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy by Plezi