The time has come, Firefox Quantum is officially launched today. - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Firefox Quantum is launched today, a new version that will mark a before and after not only in the evolution of Firefox but also in the segment of modern web browsers, since it could even encourage competition to move tokens about it so as not to be left behind.

And is that Firefox Quantum will be, as noted from the official website, twice as fast compared to previous versions of Firefox, brings a new super fast CSS engine programmed in Rust programming language, brings a new, elegant and intelligent user interface called Photon, and even consume up to 30% less memory in relation to the almighty Google Chrome.

Also note that it has an integrated Pocket, to be able to save pages for later access, and after just over a year of development, the key date arrives so that it begins to be available to the end user. As planned, It will be today, November 14, when users can finally get all the advantages of the new version on their devices.

In this regard, it will become available on both desktop systems and Android and iOS. The Quantum page is now available, in which users, for now, will be able to see some of its advantages, install the current public beta, or subscribe to the newsletter to get updates and announcements regarding Firefox Quantum.

It will be a matter of hours that Firefox Quantum shows everything it has been promising to date, and who knows if a Chrome conditional decides to give Firefox a new opportunity in its new career, something that will not leave the competition indifferent, more and more aggressive in order to conquer the average user.

Source: Wwwhatsnew